Apprently the Reset Took

For those that haven’t heard, massive fight today in lowsec.  Someone Leeroyed in a Titan, and hijinks ensued.  Goons lost 2 titans, at least 1 super, likely with several more still needing to die/be posted.  PL has apparently lost a couple supers themselves.  I didn’t make it anywhere near before massive lag waves convinced me to give up

Fallout should be interesting.  No one wants to be the FC the day after a fiasco like this, TESTies that want a fight with CFC will certainly be emboldened by this.  PL is quite pleased with themselves even with the losses.  What had looked like a complete denouement last night suddenly looks like it might just become a big deal again.  This will not appease the peace party on either side.  CFC will want revenge, HBC will smell blood in the water, and other sharks might just be emboldened to try to carve out some space if the superpower start fighting each other.  The big blue doughnut might crumble a bit about the edges.

I still don’t think this will turn into the Great Western War.  It certainly won’t turn into a territorial war.  I do think there will be a lot of fleets sniffing around for the next few weeks.  Certainly this fight will escalate the situation.  DBRB is not going to be in the good graces of CFC high command for a while, and the need to replace these ships, as well as the dozens of caps, and subcaps will likely not do anything good for even CFCs wallet.

A year that had promise to look like a “Victory Lap” for the Big Blue Doughnut now looks like it might simmer and boil into a nasty little war.  Should be fun.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Here is the killmail on the big stuff:

    Goons like 3 Titans and 5 supercarriers. PL appears to have lost a single supercarrier thus far. Almost 750 ships and pods were destroyed in the battle, with almost 200 of them being capital class or larger.

  2. Ah, the beauty of controlled PvP. All the excitement of nullsec warfare with none of the messy territory losses. Glad you’re having a nice time at NullsecDisney®. Enjoy the rides, but be sure to keep your head and arms inside the supercapitals 😉

    • The closest experience I’ve had to last night at Disney was riding “It’s a small world” at 5 AM during Grad night when I was half asleep and more than a little convinced the kids would eat me. There was nothing well planned about it on the CFC side. If I’m Mittens DBRB is getting a T-Shirt showing the Titan Cap panel with Open Bridge circled and JUMP X-ed out to wear all 3 days at fanfest.

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