They Held the War. Everyone Came

So a couple days ago I said that they would hold a war because people came.  My GOD did they ever.  I’ll assume that by the time you’ve made it to my blog you’ve heard that CFC managed to whelp some supercaps and an entire cap flotilla in lowsec, and that PL and company played the part of the “Fist of Darwin” in this case.  What you may NOT know is how the numbers played out.  According to THIS battle report:  HERE

Blue team (CFC & friends) had 821.  Red Team, consisting of PL, TEST, other HBC members and N3 or whatever I’m supposed to call them brought 1587.  That leaves 872 in the middle.  Not affiliated with anyone.  Also more people than CFC brought.  Nowhere NEAR as much firepower as CFC brought of course, but people were so intrigued by the chance to hop into this fight that the kitchen sink probably did include some day old toon flying a velator with the mining laser still strapped on.

This shows a couple things:  First, never jump Titans into lowsec, especially 10 jumps or less from Jitamart.  No I won’t even pretend I thought of that before this fight but if you want to claim to be a strategic genius you might want to take that kind of geography into consideration.  The Titans were nothing but targets and were rapidly moved out or crushed.  Hordes of people came in.  The node held up somehow, although I bet the language among the DUST folks was rather educational.  Second people like to jump on goons.  This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, what with the Ice interdiction, sponsoring Hulkageddon, Jitageddon, Jihadswarm, and of course the litany of scams and wars that have made goons into Goons.  What was amazing was the gleeful enthusiasm with which everybody, his brother, his niece, her little dog Toto and some kid they ran in to on the way over came with them.  This wasn’t everybody, this was ERR-BODY.  I was racing down in a shield stabber to… well… KM whore.  I got 4 jumps out and Tidi started to kick in, and I was having issues with session changes that nearly cost me a ship.  Let me tell you losing a Shield Stabber might not be bad, losing the LG slave pod I was in because of stupid Jump Clone timers while FLYING a shield stabber would have been…. embarrassing.

My alliance, Get Off My Lawn is certainly looking expectantly towards VFK to see which way the wind will blow.  I certainly bet HBC + PL, N3 and possibly some other factions are looking to their leadership to see what and how things will change now.

One quote that has come out from this does bear commenting on.

I feel this fight epitomizes the position the Mister Vee (of GSF) and myself advocated few days ago, and thus we feel vindicated now that it was once again clearly demonstrated that you do NOT need to invade anyone, shoot any structures or engage in a soul-destroying 0.0 SOV war in order to kickoff epic fights in EVE. Some people in EVE needed a lesson that big fights almost always happen by accident‚ and the lіkеlyhood for them occurring iѕ exponentially bigger when there ISN’T a space empire at stake. Best fights are those where both sides go “f*** it, bring EVERYTHING” just because they can and have a good brawl.

Someone call Shadoo and remind him that the whole fight started over a tower.  That’s what put ships on the field for DBRB to Bridge loljump his Titan into.  Every powderkeg needs a fuse.  Unlike Spinal Tap Drummers, spaceships do not spontaneously combust.  Battles start over something.  For null to have a war both sides need to know a fight is in the mix or there won’t be a fight, just a bunch of disappointed bastards on one side and sleeping/eating/porn watching bastards on the other.  This fight happened over a moon, sure it belonged to neither side (that mattered) in this fight, but this wasn’t a fight for the sake of a fight.  DnD was stalking a moon, and being stalked by CFC, CFC was stalking DnD and being stalked by PL (and everyone else in EvE apparently) it didn’t happen in a vacuum, it didn’t generate itself.  This battle had a beginning, a spark, that lit the fuse that caused the big badda boom.

Fly Dangerous.  Score Kills.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. I did find that quote of Shadoo (I think it was him, but right now I’m too lazy to double-check) a bit disingenious, because if you reverse it, it says: “Unless somebody causes an accident, big fights most likely won’t happen.”

    If anything, this fight (which I missed 😦 ) is a testament to the EVE playership to take advantage of an extraordinary situation and drive it to its extreme, making headlines in the progress. I would not be surprised if is the promise of this kind once-in-a-year-fight which keeps many people subscribed.

    Personally, that fight got a bitter note for me when alliance leadership considered participation in it a good thing because it offset all the losses they had incurred the last months.


    I don’t blame anybody participating in that dog-pile – heck, I did the same when Nashh retired, and it’s great fun when taken at face value – but for a small alliance putting the skewed KB stats over the actual effectiveness of their members?!

    There’s an angry blog post hidden in there somewhere, if only I could unearth it.

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