Silence Ye Mortals!

Some interesting new facts:

Kelduum has spoken to Sreegs about this directly.  Hmmmmm somehow missed that.  Somehow Sreegs has gathered conclusive proof that John was botting.  At least proof to him.  Sreegs admitted one mistake, and he ran down the list of people that look at their petitions.

What looks like it may have happened is a petition from a CSM member went straight to the senior security guy, and was reviewed (likely by Sreegs) and the IA folks to make sure I’s were crossed, Ts dotted and niceties ignored.  Which is how I assume the GM team operates as while I tend to have some success there are times when it’s like pulling teeth from an angry T-Rex.

Kelduum’s allegations are basically struck down by Sreegs, but partisans will believe who they will as there is not and, under the current rules, cannot be a third party involved.  A third party is just as likely to cause this sort of ruckus, but then there can at least be a degree of collusion between the other parties to say the essential “Shut the fuck up” and draw a clear line between the reasonable concern and blatant tinfoil hattery.

I tend to believe Sreegs, because he has a professional reputation at stake, because he’s established himself as someone who takes stock THEN acts decisively, and because I dislike Kelduum’s general beliefs about EvE, nothing personal against the guy, he is clearly an EXTREMELY effective leader, I just don’t like his style of the game and that colors me against him in matters like this.

Which is the last point I’ll make today.  Odds are there are one or two GMs that I myself have rubbed the wrong way.  I don’t know if any of you have noticed but occasionally I am a bit…. aggressive with my language and I can land on people.  I know I’ve blasted a GM or two, and while I have on occasion gone back and apologized on the survey, I’ve also used a survey or two to fire a missile at the GM when I felt things were mishandled.  If a GM who had dealt with that in the past saw my name again he might not have much ability to say “Ok he’s a jerk but he makes a point” and it might help to have a third party say “Ok look, we both know he’s a jerk, but here’s MY point.”

I think it would be interesting to see more information from the GMs in response to petitions as well as more transparency, for example have the GM’s submit a “redacted” report with information on some petitions for release if it has to do with a particularly public event, like this one.


I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. When I read Kelduun’s original post on the E-Uni forums I came away with two things. First, “John” clearly ran a macro which violated the EULA. He didn’t run something that ran for hours like the traditional Eve bot. It acted more like an aimbot like the ones plaguing Planetside 2. Except this aimbot struck the market and not some poor sod’s head.

    The second was that he had run into Sreegs with this. He didn’t come right out and state it, but you could tell. There was also one comment that was pure Sreegs. I’ll let you guess which one.

  2. You? Aggressive with your language?!?! Since when…? 😛

  3. Isn’t it amazing how the cheaters always make the most noise about being unjustly wronged?

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  4. The dumbest thing about all this? 40 page locked thread of nonsense about this in like a day. 13 page thread about Greyscale’s change to shield tanking in Ships and modules that is over 2 weeks old. Do we fly spaceships people?

    • Well…. i don’t. I mean i log in, chat, play market games etc. RL has prevented me from undocking but I don’t think they have eliminated ships from the game yet.

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