Techfleet + Fuckyoufleet = nofightfleet

A good doctrine wins fights.  A great doctrine doesn’t have to fight them (an AWSOME doctrine gets fights that you will win anyway!) Tonight I was on the good end of a great doctrine.  The Goonswarm Techfleet + Fuckyoufleet doctrine is kind of a goulash of shit you don’t want to face.  I’m sure there’s a few counters that could totally ruin it, and a couple counters for PART of the fleet come to mind, but there’s just so much of so many things FC’s hate to deal with so much that it’s kinda hard to get a fight with it.  I’ve gone out with it twice and our biggest enemy has been boredom.  But enough of that, who wants to see the fleet comp that could buy a titan?

Waiting to jump


More Waiting

Giving up on the fight and just posing sexy!


Was it fun?  Sure!  Did we do a whole lot?  No.  We won a fight because our enemy refused.  There’s a timer involved and you can bet your behind we will come again and see if our opponents managed to come up with a good counter.

This isn’t a “fair” doctrine, this isn’t a fleet you bring in the hope of getting a “goodfite” this is a fleet you bring to show domination of the field, and to force your will on an opponent.  Between the buffers, the reps, and the crippling effects of a Fuckyoufleet, this isn’t a fleet you expect to see getting whelped too much.  Will it happen?  Sure, because:  Goons.  But they can afford to whelp it.  It’s not called “Techfleet” for nothing.

I enjoyed this fleet.  Formup was surprisingly quick and efficient, it was clear that things were being handled well, including partitioning off sensitive communications areas.  There’s spais everywhere, keeping information segregated according to “Need-to-know” makes sense and works well for a command team like goons.  We moved out fairly quickly, but not without some problems, and arrived at our rally point read to move.  Sadly our opponents wanted no part of this fleet and simply waited out to see if there were any opportunities we’d grant them by making a mistake.  It didn’t happen so we figured for the timer, announced the next fleet and flew home.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. “Was it fun? Sure! Did we do a whole lot? No.”

    I’m afraid you’ve gone mad. Tell me at least the koolaid tasted good? 😉

    • I like the purple kind. Seriously goons have figured out how to make a good experience out of a bad time if that makes sense. Would I want to be in GSF itself? Not really, but being in CFC is interesting.

  2. I don’t get how you can consider a fleet fun without a fight…
    A doctrine made to avoid fight is terrible on my mind – I’m talking as a grunt, obviously high command would have a pretty different opinion –

    • Well the fun comes from the chat, the camaraderie and the achievement of domination. By doing fleets like this we secure the resources to run more “fun” fleets like T1 cruiser roams or what have you.

  3. Right, so, in the risk-abhorrent (let’s call it what it is–not just aversion, something MUCH more visceral for a lot of players) “fun” is winning, losing is “terribad” … and once one team has sufficient resources to completely roflstomp anyone else offering competition in pretty much any way, you either 1) join the winning-est team, making it even moar winning-er, or 2) quit the [null] game, essentially, and go to high or lowsec.
    Yes, I’m sure these non-fights are very compelling content which drives some form of emergent gameplay, like bullshitting on teamspeak.
    I think you can bullshit on teamspeak without even logging into EVE. c/d?

  4. Traditionally this kind of pride come before a fall. Flying around in pimped out rides, bullshitting and bragging without actually getting any fights…

    I mean I do appreciate the many way in which the Goons have been able to take away null sec from alliances who pilot for pilot out-punch you. But I can’t help wondering where this leads to.

  5. People who wonder how one can have fun while not getting a fight should zoom out a bit and look at a more macro view point. It’s quite enjoyable to absolutely destroy an enemy, to crush their will so they won’t fight and see how that progresses over the long term. Sure, fights are enjoyable, but have them when they don’t matter, like destroyer roams through Delve. When it comes to crunch time, like timers, you want to smash them so hard they don’t think about logging in for a week.

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