You Are Where You Put Yourself

So I’ve had some issues with an internet connection that was too frustrating for EvE.  EvE is odd in that it can support TERRIBLE ping numbers, but will close your socket in a heartbeat if the connection gets wonky.  My connection redefined wonky.  Paste tense.  Got THAT sorted finally.

But I still haven’t done anything interesting.  Should soon, but for now time to talk about some ruminations I had during my unwanted EvE Exodus.


Your decisions led you to the place you now stand.  They built your skills, they built your wallet, they built your hangar, they built your shipyard.  All that you are is the sum of your choices, your reactions, your interactions.  Yes other people have a say in things.  They do that, it’s a massively MULTIPLAYER online role-playing game.  You can still change things.  You can’t change it all at once.  EvE does not work well with fast changes.  It is hard to make them at the micro level.  You cannot simply move all your inventory at the snap of a finger through the magic of vaults, the hobbit postal service, or any such gaming flim-flammery.  Red Frog can move you across highsec, your alliance can move you to the fringes of space, but it takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes resources.  Mostly it takes planning.

You make the choices.  Set up the skill plan, and skill queue.  You acquire the isk, the ships, the modules, the munitions that make you the pilot you are.  You travel from gate to gate, from cyno to cyno, from wormhole to wormhole forging your own story.  Your own history.  Your own destiny.  As the ancient trailer says:  “For their can be no other destiny but our own.”

Your destiny is yours to create.  Your choices are your own to make.  You do not make them alone.  Build alliances.  Cultivate friendships.  Make adversaries.  EvE is but a stage, and we are all players.  No, really, in the old sense.  You know.  Actors.  We play our parts in the great dramas.  We create heroic epics, tragedies, comedies, satires and farces.  Mostly farces.  We can all write our own parts, but in all events we must remember our destinies intertwine.  They splice, flow together, or crash headlong and are re-written.  We do not always choose the outcomes, but our choices create the endgame.  Write your story.  Play your part.  Create your history.

And fly dangerous.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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