Uneasy is the Head

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

Bill Shakespeare

Shakespeare would probably LOVE EvE Online.  The raw expression of human behavior would probably tickle him all over.  One of the points that shows up repeatedly in EvE is the toll it takes on its players.  Burnout is a frequent foe of leaders and plebs alike.  Recently Montolio resigned as the leader of TEST Alliance (please ignore) starting his resignation with the line “Shit was too much work, it wasn’t fun anymore.” which I can sympathize with from my time running a single crappy corp bouncing between mediocre alliances.

I can’t begin to speak about all the things that Montolio would go through.  He made decisions so far above my level that I can barely bring myself to care.  I want to talk about something else.  Fifty cents a day per member.  If you run a corp that’s what you are being trusted with.  Sure you might split it up with alliance leaders, with other leaders in your corp, but the bottom line is that someone in the world has said “You know what, the best value I can get for my 14.95 a month is with CEO Timmy and his Fancy Pants Corporation.” So let’s say you have 20 guys in corp, that’s 10 dollars a day, 70 dollars a week.  Can you provide 70 dollars worth of value in EvE?  Probably.  It’s not that hard, and let’s face it once people know what they are doing in game all you really have to do is set up a couple of roams a week/month.  However it quickly breaches into the realm of obligation.  When I lead I don’t feel like I can enjoy the game unless my corpies are enjoying the game.  When I start shedding people it hurts because I’m doing things wrong, clearly, or else they wouldn’t be leaving.

This may explain why I burn out on EvE so badly.

Now imagine what Monty’s share of the 13k + members of TEST is.  If he thinks of it as even a penny a member, that is, 2% of what they are paying, his “Obligation” runs over 100 dollars a day.  Over $4,000 a month.  Just over $50k a year.  That is, if I assume he is accepting responsibility for providing 2% of his alliance members amusement, he is bearing a burden of 50,000 dollars a year for his performance as an alliance leader.  Just a penny a day per member.  He may not have ever thought about it in those terms, but I bet the weight was there anyway.  Just as it is for other alliance leaders.  Just as it is for any leader.  Have fun, and remember to tell your boss if they are doing a good job.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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