So the CSM election is underway.  I haven’t covered it a lot.  Then again I haven’t written a lot.  I’m going to talk about two people.  Mike Azariah and Ripard Teg.  I’m endorsing one.  I’m not endorsing the other.

The guy I’m endorsing?  Mike.



There are reason.

I have no doubt that both are eminently capable at filling their place in the CSM.  Both are intelligent, articulate, and dedicated.  I don’t read as much of Mike’s blog as I do Ripard’s.  It just rubs me the wrong way.  I do keep an eye on it and look for “the point” if you will, but he just doesn’t capture my thought the way Ripard does.  Ripard I read voraciously.  Ripard also reminds me of someone.  Mynxee.  He has that same combination of knowledge, dedication, and sensitivity that drove Mynxee to ruin.  She didn’t have a huge blog to maintain.  She didn’t have the stakeholder role and the schedule that the CSM has.  Ripard Teg in a CSM seat is EvE burnout times 20.  I don’t think anyone can keep up the schedule Ripard has NOW.  I really don’t.  Add the CSM to it?  Add the stress of trying to find things to write about without violating NDA.  Now I have had some discussion with Hans that have convinced me that at least for every topic he’d lose, he’d gain insight that could well be invaluable for the community, that is, the muzzle would be relatively loose for someone like him, and that he’d compensate for it well by using his insight to write well about topics he can write about and using his new knowledge to contribute even more than he normally would.

I still don’t see him keeping up with the CSM, his blog, playing the actual game on occasion, oh and his real life job, family, friends, what have you.  I just don’t.  I’m not saying don’t vote for him.  He’s eminently qualified.  He’s completely capable.  I just don’t think it ends well.

Mike offers a perspective of a casual, hisec player.  The guy that logs in a couple times a week.  Maybe undocks, maybe doesn’t.  At the same time he has a deep understanding of the game, the meta-game, the mechanics, and social structures.  He communicates well, he works very hard.  I also don’t worry nearly as much about him burning out and exploding in a ball of fiery ennui.  He may not contribute a lot to the discussion major issues confronting alliances with tens of thousands of players, but he does offer some perspective on the activities on the tens of thousands of unaffiliated players.  Players like myself in the old days.

In general I agree with Hans voting list.  *I* won’t be voting for Ripard.  I won’t tell you not to vote for him, just that I’m not.  I know it’s a big difference, but it’s something to consider.

There’s one other name I won’t have on my list.  Roc.  Now I have a better opinion of him than I used to, but frankly his biggest weakness is in the praise he links on his own video.

Committed to improving discussions and bringing player ideas to the table, even those he disagrees with.
-Ali Aras (emphasis mine)

I can argue strongly and well for ideas I support.  I can argue articulately in favor of things I don’t have a strong opinion.  I cannot argue as well on issues I disagree with.  I couldn’t argue that, say, suicide ganking should be removed from the game.  I also wouldn’t do it.  It would violate my integrity on two points.  First:  I would be telling you something I believe is untrue.  That weakens my standing and it means I am less effective because my detractors could say “Well how about all times you said suicide ganking was awesome, or when you blew up my mining barge you asshole!”  To which I’d have to say “Be quiet I’m suicide ganking to get the taste out of my mouth.”  The second part is that I could not portray myself as capable of arguing against that because someone who actually believes that suicide ganking is bad needs to be stopped.  I would actually be sabotaging the efforts of the people who deserve good representation on their horribly misguided ideas.  It’s possible Roc could argue better than me.  In fact it’s likely.  But if your biggest strength is the ability to argue for things you don’t believe in… no vote.  Sorry, better luck next year.  I suggest you tell me what YOU believe in, what YOU want to see.  Then i’ll put you on the other side of the list.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Interesting opinion. But to the point of “bringing player ideas to the table, even those he disagrees with.”

    Only because you are elected as CSM doesn’t mean you are the one to leave your stamp on the face of eve. You aren’t supposed to get your ideas implemented. So if I think PI should be changed in some form of sim city of the future and roc doesn’t like that idea, it is still a strength if he can argue for the idea if ccp gets to the point thinking about that.

    It is about seeing the pros and cons of both sides. I’m not a fan of drakes or tengus. I simply don’t like there dominance in some areas (which is lowered through different nerfs) but I fully understand my friends who use them and complain about it.
    If CCP had shown this changes to me it is important to see both side. So I could tell them I like this changes because they break the dominance of this ships. BUT you have to keep in mind that many players have highly invested in this ships. Is it really necessary to nerf them that hard?

    So arguing for stuff you disagree with is no weakness.
    Obviously thats all my opinion and you are free to have your own.
    Fly safe.

  2. Nice opinion piece, at least you are not promoting to kick Roc out of blogpack anymore, so I am glad you have grown out of that extremist state of mind. As regarding voting for Mike instead of Ripard in fear of losing Ripard’s blog because of CSM burnout, that is a very clever way of trying to preserve Eve community by not repeating what happened to Minxee. Good idea, but not very realistic, because Ripard will get his CSM seat regardless and Mike has no way to get in now, because that is what nullsec wants at the moment. An what nullsec wants is what nullsec gets, because by getting Ripard into CSM Goons found a way to gag him up for good now. While Ripard was not anti-goon, his voice and opinion was more prominent on internet than Mitten’s ever was. Too bad that will change once he joins CSM circus.

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