Pocket Battleships

So I’ve been mulling over ships I’d like to see, and with tiericide there’s become a few distinct classes that have emerged.  Logistics, Attack, Brawler, and Disruption ships.  I don’t think we’ll ever see a real Battleship class devoted to logistics.  I don’t think we should either.  What I would like to see is a disruption Battleship.  My idea for these is to make them ships devoted to disrupting the enemy, taking advantage of the opportunities that create, and then get away.

Historically Pocket Battleships refer to a smaller, slower, generally inferior battleship, particularly German ships like the Deutschland class cruisers.  I don’t want these to be second rate ships in EvE.  To me these ships should be fast, but not particularly agile, capable of zooming in, creating havoc with their disruptive abilities and their weapons, and then racing away equally fast.  They shouldn’t be capable of standing in the line of battle, nor should they have particularly good sustained DPS.  I also want to see them carry both types of racial EWAR.  Not just (for example) target painting for Minmatar, although it makes FAR more sense to have a battleships with target painting than a frigate, but webs as well.

The ships should have limited high slots, perhaps 5 to 6, generous mid slot allocations, 5-6 for armor tankers, 8 for shield, and generally poor low slots, 4 or even 3 on shield, 5-6 for armor.  The bonuses should be a bonus to both types of Ewar, ideally range, to go with a high base speed, mediocre base agility, middling to poor defenses, and possibly a bonus to base weapon damage, not ROF, just damage.  The idea is to emphasize scoring hits on targets that are slowed, crippled, unable to strike back, and give the ships the ability to get in and out, but not to dogfight.  If I could get away with it I’d even give them a tracking penalty.

Finally there’s the designs.  I think all of them should be of the “futuristic-but-unfinished” look.  If you want to get really adventerous I could even see the Minmatar having a Catamaran or outrigger design.  The ships should look like what they are, fast, aggressive, modern, but not sturdy, and very unwieldy.  These ships would add a bigger option to at least show up for fights where a T1 cruiser simply won’t cut it, but T2 ships aren’t a good idea either.  They’d also offer a slightly more forgiving platform for people to learn the skills they need to operate a recon ship effectively.

Obviously the idea needs a lot of work, and it won’t happen for a *while* as I suspect the art department is very behind on old projects, let alone new ones, but it’s always fun to think, and it’s a slow day.

Fly dangerous, score kills!

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. shoot to kill

    you mean like battle cruisers are meant to be? they mount the sameweaapons but much less armor or suporrt systems IRL

  2. Have to say I don’t agree. Smoke screen ships were cruisers or destroyers. I would put ewar (as a class of ship)as something in the cruiser line of ships.

    Battleships (to me) should fall into 2 camps

    1) long range, accurate snipers, low tank, low speed
    2) high dps, short range brawers, great tank, higher speed

    But if you need a 3rd class, go with

    3) racial specialty BS – a) Weapon Control BS (disruption, ECM)

    b) range control BS (Web, scram)

    c) cap control BS (neut/nos)

    d) Capital ship control BS (capital interdictor maybe ? Anti-capital bombs ?)

    yes, this means that there are differences between the races. Yes, some of those boats will not fit in certain doctrines. Yes, rebalancing is key (but when is it not?)

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