Roamin’ Rusty’ Roamin’

So The Fancy Hats is in business again.  That’s always good for some fun.  We went on a little roam from Ami to Goniditsa looking for a fight, a gank, or just some fun.

There was so much rust on our fleet that we should have flown straight Minmatar to hide it.  Jaysus it was ugly.  It actually looked like it would be relatively smooth at first!  We got to Amdonen, met up, aligned, warped, I jump, fleet holds.  No hostiles, move on.  Then the misalignments starts, but really what’s the worst that could happen with a blackbird being left behind.  We moved on, bouncing gate to gate, then we catch an Itty V jumped behind me into the fleet.  Of course we only have 2 points in the 4 ships due to some fittings issues, and the one guy with a point where the itty jumped to is on the wrong side of the gate and has a green gumball.  Well crap.  So on we go, with a weird semi-cloaky Loki giving us an interesting chase for a couple systems, unfortunately we couldn’t catch him and of course taking sentry guns, even briefly, in a T1 cruiser is a bit of a strain.

We end up in Gonditsa with no targets.  We also remembered that Gondi was probably not the best place to go for a fight because the warp to the gate was something like 149 AU.  Also about the distance that a Stabber can go without QUITE losing all its cap.  We landed, chased an Algos through and logged.

We were rusty, our ship fits were good, but not polished, our tactics were fine, but our execution and adjustments to the current game mechanics were downright poor.  Clearly my time in null has ground the edge from my instincts, and my friends time away from the game has blunted them as well.  Fortunately I have a solution.


I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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