The People You Meet in a Fleet

There’s a couple people that seem to show up in nearly every fleet.  These people are as much a part of the fleet as comms, a destination, and a fleet comp.  Without it the fleet just isn’t right.

The Warrior – This guy shows up, buckles on his armor, picks up his sword, and goes to battle.  He doesn’t complain much, he doesn’t talk much.  In fact the only thing he does much is shoot shoot shoot.  He’s exciting as a Sunday morning at IHOP but he fills out the squads.  He doesn’t do anything exceptional, good or bad.

The Knife Fighter – A guy who really knows how to dogfight.  He manually pilots all the time, gets top damage even when flying logi and always seems to be on top of the situation, scoring that key tackle on a bad guy, flashing the skills that separate the men from the boys.  He’s what warriors try to be.

The Shadow Broker – Somehow this guy knows everything.  Seriously.  That hostile fleet that the scout just turned up?  TSB reported it in fleet command three jumps ago.  Complete with fleetcomp, enemy FC, and what they have ready to hotdrop.  Speaking of the hotdrop his scout tackled one of their carriers at a safe 2 jumps from where the fleet is now so you’d better burn quick.  Probably a spy but he gets fights so zero fucks are given.

The Talker – This guy likes to talk.  All the time.  Even during battlecomms.  He’ll tell you about his pizza.  He’ll tell you about his beer.  He’ll tell you about his burps and farts, or just let you listen in.  He’s never said anything even remotely interesting but he sure has said a lot.

The Quiet Guy – This guy doesn’t say anything.  Ever.  He fell behind?  He’ll catch up.  He got tackled 1j behind the fleet?  He’ll make it through.  He got popped, podded and left fleet?  He’ll leave a message in fleet and log out.  Everyone is pretty sure this guy is a serial killer just waiting to snap.

The Helper – The FC’s friend.  This guy does it all.  Closed your map?  Guy’s got it bookmarked.  Need a logi?  He’s got 4 spares to hand out.  Getting the fleet organized while telling people what’s going on?  No problem he’s all over it!  He’s also the guy that buys the first round at all the meetups.  He might be terrible, in the fleet itself but he’s the grease that eases things along.

The FC – Johnny on the spot.  Good or bad he bears the responsibility.  He stands tall and does what he can to make the fun happen.  Sometimes he wins.  Sometimes he loses.  Sometimes it rains.  He sucks it up and moves on.

The Healer – Last, and certainly not least is the guy that always flies logi.  He’s a close cousin of the helper and the quiet guy.  He probably doesn’t own a weapon, may not have a single T2 gun but he’s welcome in every single fleet because even before the call goes out for logi, he’s shipping one up and ready to roll out and lay on the love (and new layer of armor) because that’s who he is.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Ofc people multiclass as well lol

  2. what about the helpers who bow out and let the good players take it from there, or hops into a blackbird to save afk miners in a dec? the list only covers people in fleet, not all the people moving ships, makeing ammo, drugs, and mods all for this fight.

  3. Where is the raging asperger? Every good Eve fleet needs at least one

  4. sh*t, seems i´m the quiet healer…

  5. you forgot the old man, the one who rambles on about lost pants and blackbirds with torps from decades ago… 😛

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