Much Ado About Something

So.  CCP Hired Mintchip.  It caused a bit of a firestorm.  How bad?  Well.  They had to lock, and then REMOVE the forum thread welcoming her to CCP.  I only saw bits and pieces of it I don’t even see it on eve-search.  Apparently it got over 52 pages fast.  It got ugly, and it got personal.

Minchip is a pretty polarizing figure, and all the more so because she is female.  As a Youtube video blogger she has 25,854 subscribers at the time I bothered to look it up.  If they all played DUST they’d double the active playerbase.  Maybe more than that.  This is significant because, despite the 52 page thread on the EvE-O forums, she’s actually a DUST Community Representative.  The Dust welcome thread is at 12 pages btw.

So what’s got people all worked up?  Well first we’ll pick one of my pet peeves.  Her Youtube channel has a wishlist.  To me that’s a bit unprofessional.  I *really* hope someone at CCP pokes her and has her take that down.  She uses the same name and has the same identity as a CCP Member that she does on Youtube.  Time to be a pro.

Next, she’s bashed EvE.  I have no problem with this.  Mostly because a good part of this blog is me bashing EvE, CCP, and while I may not agree with the way she chooses to bash the game/company, I have no problem with a CCP Dev who I disagree with.  Especially when it’s in DUST which can frankly use all the publicity it can get at this point.

She’s also a female.  This doesn’t make people react positively or negatively necessarily, but it DOES make them react MORE positively or negatively.  People just get worked up about women whether they are being outright misogynistic, “White Kniting”, providing well reasoned support, or just trolling.  People LOVE Punkturis, people LOATHE Mintchip.

Frankly, it’s a non-issue.  For all we know she has years of experience doing CR professionally.  Most of us haven’t seen her resume.  I’ll wait to see her work before setting her world on fire, thank you very much.

So here’s my fix.  Mintchip removes the wish list from her Youtube page.  Second she does a video, and a Dev Blog talking frankly and openly about her history with EvE.  She talks about CCP’s goals with DUST and how she fits into the picture.  Finally CCP needs to make quite clear that the comments thread is very much for responses to the situation going forward, not blasting the past, not exhuming corpses and de-closeting skeletons.  We all know the thread will be heavily moderated.  It has to go up, and it has to STAY up.  Otherwise he value to CCP is blown.  If CCP cannot let her interact with the audience she cannot be a community relations rep.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I really think she should have changed her handle, although technically she did: mintchip vs mintchiplol. I can point to a few videocasters/podcasters who’ve gone to work at gaming companies and had to change. Randy Jordan from The Instance podcast & Josh Allen from and both did when they signed up with Blizzard. Closer to home, Kil2 also changed his name when he came to work at CCP. That kind of thing shows favoritism, unless… *puts tin foil hat on*

    For Mintchip, I think that keeping her name may harm her business-wise in the future. Does CCP now get to keep the name Mintchip? Josh Allen said he would not use Lore as his name because then Blizzard would gain the rights to it. Is CCP just nicer than Blizzard or is something up?

  2. Anonymous Guest Bugger Off

    You mention an Amazon wishlist, but neglect the most important point which is that she used her gender to solicit hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of gifts from socially awkward aspy-neckbeards. Dare I mention the nude pictures? The seedy associations with Pandemic Legion and Chribba? If you think male players are motivated by misogyny, I challenge you to ask any female Eve player about Mintchip

    • And why *exactly* is that a problem? Even if these allegations are true (and that’s all they are as I’ve not heard any convincing proof she actively solicited said gifts other then providing the option to buy them). I have been seeing this argument a lot. But I don’t really see why this is even considered to be a problem. She’s is a woman and apparently concious off and in charge of her own sexuality, last I checked that is not a crime, in fact I would say it’s a basic human right.
      And presuming that these men aren’t mentally challenged and in command of their own full faculties (which seems a reasonable presumption), since they aren’t being forced, whether they buy her things is also very much their own free choice.

      So I am puzzled what ‘offence’ exactly is allegedly being committed by her?

      • Corelin uses the word unprofessional. This is a good word because there are many activities that are legal, within the scope of human rights and yet are nonetheless unprofessional. The propriety of the wishlists depends, in part, on whether or not one believes the nude pictures are real. If they are real, then it bears an unfortunate resemblance to the common practice used by adult entertainers to solicit gifts from their admirers. See for example:

        The crux of the comparison is not the degree of sexuality but in the attempt to sell attention, affection and human connection to the emotionally stunted. If this description is accurate, many people, regardless of gender, would find it problematic. If the relationships is instead innocent and lighthearted, then there is no issue.

        The reaction to Mintchip is a product of many things. It would be an error to dismiss it as simple nerd misogyny.

  3. There is no such thing as “White Knighting”. It’s something the MRA folks came up with to use when they know they’re acting like fools but are too afraid to admit it. If someone throws that term around you know that they know they’re wrong.

    That said, I didn’t like MintChips videos just because her style wasn’t something I enjoyed. That’s about the extent of my care on the subject. It really should be about the extent of anyone’s care.

    • Skippy Peanut Butter So Delicous

      Depending upon the definition of “White Knighting” you could be correct. I do believe it to be true that some men seek to curry favor with women by trying to defend them.

  4. LOL
    (1) you’re “upset” about someone having a ‘wishlist’ on a blog?? So do we get to tell you how you should setup/run/post/etc on YOUR blog? ‘Cause you sure as hell can’t on mine… ever.
    (2) Video CV re EvE; check her blog, plenty of em already. And, did she go to work for you? are you paying her? No? Then maybe that’s why you weren’t in on the interview.
    (3) “…all the more so because she is female…” and “She’s also a female.” I do NOT believe you even went there… twice.
    (4) Poetic Stanziel is, to me, far more polarizing and an asshat to boot but you don’t hear anyone smacking him for his FEM toon… ’cause that’s all so normal in MMOs.
    (5) “…people LOATHE Mintchip.” Uh, 25,854 subscribers say yer wrong… you have that many? you wish.
    (6) “Frankly, it’s a non-issue.” Oh good, then this is a non-post.

    While “mintchip” may not be trade marked etc. she would have an extremely good case due to time of use on the web etc. I have been TurAmarth in every computer game I have ever played since like ’81, were I to land a job w/ CCP I would want to be CCP TurAmarth or CCP Tur… I would just a nice, private, discussion w/ them about rights etc. before registering it.

    @Anon8:51… yea, you were right, you should bugger off. Got proof? I have never seen any. And baseless accusations from an Anon carry all the weight of the recycled electrons they’re made of. IE none.

    @Kaeda… kudos! And to answer your query… none.

    @Maxine, White Knighting is a ‘thing’ if someone labels a specific activity as such… Human beings label things/actions/feelings, it’s how language and communication works.

    And I have seen many instances of White Knighting ingame… Early on when I made my first Alt, a fem, for fun and out of curiosity I also used a voice changer (not the internal one) in the Help Chans and such and I had guys sending me ISK and arguing over, and for me ONCE they HEARD my voice on chat… Internet Spaceships may be Serious Business, but some are being flown by some Serious Idiots.

    And, “…her style wasn’t something I enjoyed.” “…should be about the extent of anyone’s care.” Kudos! So much this.

    As for me… I have watched some of her blogs. Not a fan really or a follower as she comes off a bit flighty (IMHO only) for my tastes. However she is personable, presents herself well, and most important of all she is obviously having fun, her way, which is kinda the point of all of this, aint it? The rest, the accusations and hating etc., is all just ‘words’… Hell all of what I just wrote is all just, ‘words’… =]

    • If you want to comment on how my blog is set up please go ahead. I’m not asking for handouts.

      • I don’t comment on you blog setup cause that has very little to do with it’s CONTENT… and TBH, I dunt care how yer blog ‘looks’… What I care about it what you say.

    • Kethry Avenger

      I think this whole reply mostly demenstrates the validity of Corelin’s assertion about people feeling more strongly because she’s female.

      • UH… here we go with someone making assumptions about what someone else thinks. No my reply was not ABOUT Mintchip, it was about Corelin’s and others verbiage as regards her, and especially as regards the fact that she is a female. Jezuz, learn to read for comprehension.

        I feel strongly not about her being female, but about how people are reacting to her due to her ‘sex’ and not due to her intellect/gaming experience/style/and stand on topics… but on the fact that she has 2 ‘X’ allosomes…

        Other than that making her, IMHO, one helluva lot nicer to look at, me being a carrier of the ‘Y’ allosome and all, but it also gives her a very different ‘take’ on EvE Online and DUST 514 as compared to the vast majority of the playerbase, who are, like me, male.

        I am 52, have 2 daughters, one is 26 one is 10… I pray they will be treated better than women, in general, are treated in EvE… and in this particular post.

    • (4) Poetic Stanziel is, to me, far more polarizing and an asshat to boot but you don’t hear anyone smacking him for his FEM toon… ’cause that’s all so normal in MMOs.

      yes but he is not ccp poetic stanziel whos job it is to communicate andmoderate the whole community.
      if you look at common eve community sites you will see that poetic gets the same flames as mintchip. some like him some hate him and thats fine, but he would get the same welcome thread as mintchip.

      thats like ccp greedy goblin gets a job as gamedesinger for pvp balancing. that would even top mintchips welcome thread.

      some kind of peolple just dont fit in a specific job. you cant moderate the whole community if you are going to divide them and manipulate them to flame each other.

      • “if you look at common eve community sites you will see that poetic gets the same flames as mintchip.”

        This is flat out wrong. Like, astoundingly wrong.

      • …he is not ccp poetic stanziel… not yet… and neither was Mintchip until recently. CCP hired her, and not someone else, for reasons they felt were sufficient… their game, their company, their decision.

    • I meant more “White Knighting” in terms of debating the female haters as that’s the only place I’ve heard that brought up. People who send anyone they think maybe female isk or whatever aren’t “White Knighting” but instead just being creepos.

      For example, if I were to post something like “This woman should be judged on her quality of work and not breast size” someone may reply with, “You’re just being a white knight and want to bone her lolol”. I wish I could say this is an exaggeration but this is a very common exchange.

      Even IF someone really is standing up for women in the hopes that one will come along and fall madly in love with him and the only argument against that guy is to claim he is only means that the alleged knight is still making arguments you can’t refute outside of ad hominems.

  5. The big thing this made me think about was actually Rise and Fozzie, and the lack of drama when both were hired. I think both have been doing a good job so far, but coming in, did either of them have any actual game design experience? I know they were both good at Eve, and content creators to one degree or another, but that doesn’t automatically mean they would actually be good at game design. Fozzie especially was thrown on tiericide right away, and the most recent video I saw of him, he says he was working as a computer tech before going to CCP and has a degree in Political Science. Now, once again, so far everything has worked out fine, but from a strict business process perspective, it was quite a gamble on CCP’s part doing that. Now, for all we know, as you said, Mintchip actually has a background in Community Relations. If that is the case, she would actually be more qualified for her position than Rise and Fozzie were for theirs coming in the door.

  6. OK, this is fast becoming a pet peeve of mine, but let’s look at the “she bashed EVE” part closely. First, anyone posting on the EVE forums that someone “bashed EVE” is willfully blind. EVE-bashing, often on the most absurd or arbitrary grounds, is both a popular pastime and an art form there. So what, specifically was she criticizing EVE for? For the way the players treated her, worse than any other MMO’s players (including WoW’s, which should be a wake-up call, because yikes that place is a sewer).

    So the reaction to that criticism is… to treat her terribly. To heap so much abuse on her that CCP feels compelled to bring out multiple people with banhammers, then delete the thread. Well played, GG, gf o7 m8m8m8. That thread was irrefutable proof of her claim.

    Now, the question that gets the “white knight” accusations flowing freely is, why was there so much vitriol directed at her for singling out EVE for the way its players treated her? Maybe she hit a button there? Maybe there’s a bit too much anger directed towards a woman who might have taken advantage of a misogynist atmosphere to gain an advantage (in EVE! Imagine that!).

    That was a low point for the EVE community. As for me, I don’t do vlogs, but I wish her well in her new role.

    • “Methinks they doth protest too much…” (those who don’t get it, google it and learn something new…)

      I have a very hard time occasionally on COMMs with corpmates and Allies who are (1) young males, (2) unmarried or at least not fathers yet and (3) who’s attitude towards women makes me cringe… especially as I can remember when “I” felt, and acted, and spoke as they do.

      I don’t say anything, unless my daughter who loves EvE, is in the room and then TBH, they all usually respond positively and with respect… well as much as you can get from a testosterone blinded young male anyway. But it does worry me and I have spent literally hours w/ my daughter talking to her about how to be ‘careful’ around people on the net, and boys in general while trying hard not to teach her to be afraid… and a shame in this world it is… but a reality none the less.

      People need to stop and ask themselves… what if Mintchip were MY daughter? How would I react to what I just said or posted?

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