Apparently I’m Not Awful at this game

So I found a cache of ships from when my friend Sefiea left the game.  He gave me ALL his stuff.  I’d rather have him back.  One thing the man could do was fly.  He managed to save a Thanny with some incredible bumps during a really nasty battle we lost back in the day.  He also could fit a ship.  He came up with a Raven fit, which, slightly modified, makes for some really good post-Odyssey killing as it turns out.

I was ferrying one from Sefiea’s home in deep Lowsec to Empire, being careful to avoid Aunenenenenenenenen as it’s a good place to die.  When I was nearly home free I encountered a Lachesis, who chose not to engage.  He must have called his friends because a thrasher on the other gate locked me up before I jumped through, and his buddy in a rupture followed me.  He had a friend in a ruppie and another in an SFI just waiting for a tasty bit of fowl to munch on.  What they got was SCREAMING TORPEDO DEATH!  Foolishly taking on gate guns they aggressed me and I nabbed the nearest target, the Ruppie, figuring that the SFI would want no part of torpedo range.  The ruppie couldn’t get out of overheated web range and popped to several salvos of Torpedoes supported by the gate guns fire.  I went to hit the other ruppie when I noticed the SFI had closed to within 3km.  Well then.  Point. Web. Torps. Gate guns.  Killmail.

Honestly if I saw a lone raven wandering lowsec I’d aggress it with three cruisers most of the time.  I wouldn’t close to spitting distance though.  Especially in a SFI that had tinfoil for EHP.  Three bricks might have worn me down, skirmishers at range would have gotten away.  Skirmishers in close were lucky to let the last Ruppy run like hell.  I learned a couple things.

  1. I’m not as bad at this game as I feel like I am sometimes
  2. Ravens are underrated in small gangs
  3. The best enemies are dumb enemies.  These guys made a bunch of mistakes
  4. Check D-scan before deciding to loot or scoot.  There were a lot of flashies in local but I bet I could have still looted.
  5. ECM drones only work against me.  Never for me.  FUCK those little bastards suck.  Still I didn’t really need the extra DPS.
  6. Play into people’s mistakes.  As soon as I saw that the SFI was on approach, I stopped.  So did he.  MWD + Stopped + Torps = WHOMP.  The first shot hit for <200.  The last two for more than 2100.  Each.

Very fun and very satisfying little fight.  Glad I messed up and flew a solo BS unscouted.

Fly dangerous, score kills.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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