Good Planning, bad execution, good luck

So I decided to take a run at some tag hunting in lowsec.  The new Tags 4 Sec appealed to me, and the prices did so even more.  I rolled out into low and started bouncing belts in a PvP Hurricane, figuring it was about as good a ship to do this as any.  I saw some core scanner probes wandering around, but never any combat scanners so I figured that the occasional local bump wasn’t anything too crazy.  Then Mr. Arazu showed up, turned off my MWD and started to pew me with drones.  I returned fire and threw my own worthless EC-300s at him.  Seriously I don’t think they’ve had a jam cycle hit since the Aliens replaced Obama with a clone.

The Arazu went down satisfyingly fast, but not before I noticed a Mega and a Domi on short scan.  I attempted to get into warp but JUST missed escaping.  That would have absolutely made my day tbh.  I opened up on the mega, and threw drones at him and FINALLY got a ECM cycle.  Which did me no good as the Domi also had me on lockdown so I got bumped, molested, and eventually popped.  I was a little surprised that the domi didn’t have a smartbomb or three to nab pods, but it was the good kind of surprise.  I’ll trade a ‘Cane for an Arazu most days anyway.  Nearly escaping was nice.  Losing the ‘Cane wasn’t ideal, but I’ll take it as the price for not paying close enough attention to local while ratting in lowsec.

Fly dangerous, score kills.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Why the armor cane over the shield cane?

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