Hold What You Got

Ok, so the big CFC / HBC 2.0 showdown is here.  It’s here and it’s ugly.  Goons were initially looking at a badly divided HBC, with weak leadership, confused allies, and unmotivated members.  They had been having it all their way in Delve and were hooting over the fracturing of the once proud coalition.  They invaded Fountain and found that PL was backing TEST, that TEST had its motivation, and that their doctrines were not all they were cooked up to be against what TEST had developed.  Then TEST started gathering allies.  As it turns out CFC and Goons especially have built quite the list of enemies over the years (whodathunkit) and that many of these people were champing at the bit to take a crack at them.

So CFC invades, and manages to cut a lot of the “fat” out of Fountain.  They capture several systems, whelp and kill several fleets, and generally make at least a decent showing of things.  Goons don’t so much steamroll their enemies as smother them.  What they didn’t expect and what I didn’t expect was that TEST would hold out so firmly.  TEST managed to pry back the clawing fingers of CFC, helped by a rather lackluster showing by many CFC alliances, and a tremendous showing in both Fountain and back in the North by alliances working with and for HBC 2.o.

So TEST has decided where their fortress will be and is busy piling up the corpses of CFC ships and pods.  CFC is keeping the pressure up as best as they can, but it seems that some of the larger battles are involving a lot of CFC and very little of TEST.  THIS fight didn’t exactly make TEST break a sweat.  In fact they seem to have missed it altogether.  This is a very bad sign for Goons, and a very good sign for TEST.  Goons win by smothering, by making the fighting so not-fun for their enemies that they stop showing up.  TEST doesn’t have to show up, the gleeful hordes eager to shatter the goon narrative are doing the heavy lifting for them in entire battles.

This isn’t to understate TEST’s achievements, or the road ahead for them.  Goons don’t give up, Goons know how to win by losing, how to grind away at both the enemies capability and will to fight, and you can bet that things are in motion.  There’s rumors that they’ve bribed Elo Knight on Reddit right now to basically go somewhere else and fight.  Goons aren’t going to fight this whole war in space.  Currently they are taking a pounding in the Meta arena, where they are traditionally strong.  I doubt this will continue, whether it’s Elo or whoever, they will find a crack, drive a wedge into it and start pulling, TEST has to keep the momentum, and marshal their strength to be ready to fight themselves when the later onslaughts begin.

Finally TEST deserves enormous credit.  Even 2 weeks ago it looked like HBC was dead and TEST would stand practically on their own, Booda and the TEST diplos deserve ENORMOUS credit for their work ensuring PL would work with them, coordinating with Pizza, 401k, and BL to get CFC stuck in its own beehive of enemies.


TEST have teamed up with friends old and new and shoved goons down in the mud, they need to kick them while they are down and watch their back while they do it because goons can backstab from anywhere.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. If Goons take away anything from this, it’s that it’s probably a bad idea to start a war then send the Mittani off to E3 for a week.

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