Making the Best of your Molehills

Mittens came back from E3 to find his minions happily wagging their tails and jumping up and down on the doorstep pleased with the steaming pile of something they’d left on his bed.  Some of the wiser minions had something to be proud about apparently, but there was plenty of crap to deal with.

Mittens came back from E3 needed to flog the success they’ve had, and to make light of the rather difficult issues they faced.  He had to convince his minions to keep fighting the war the goons way.  Careless of battles, careful of objectives.  He had to get his FCs operating in a more disciplined fashion, he had to get his network of agents working in a coordinated fashion.

Mittens came back, and issued a long statement.  He talked about the successes they’d had.  He talked about the way goons fight.  He talked about the goals and the strategies, and he set a new narrative.  His partisans will back it (see HERE wfor details) his detractors will laugh at it (do I have to tell you how to find Reddit?)

There’s a lot to the goonswarm way of war.  A whole lot.  It’s not glorious in its early stages, it’s rough, it’s ugly, and it can be demoralizing.  To keep it going the goons have to be cajoled, prodded, bribed, and sometimes all but forced into the fight.  Fortunately they have wordsmiths, FCs, PILES of isk, and propagandists to spare.

Mittens has gained a handle on the narrative.  He’s picked up the mantle of leadership and can now bring his own personal aura to bear on the situation.  Maybe going to E3 wasn’t brilliant for The Mittani, but it didn’t end the war.  Now the goons have to get to work.  They have to control the narrative, they have to call their shots, and they have to break up the coalition facing them, loose as it is.  They’ve made progress with BL, they’ve hammered on some of the issues with TEST’s policies, and they’ve done their “We don’t want the systems themselves anyway” routine.  Now to see if they can make it play out the way they want.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Then again i imagine TEST and Pals is currently going through the same process. TEST has managed to recruit a whole bunch of friends under the “let’s shoot goons” line, but getting the pals to work together in a disciplined manner is another thing entirely.

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