Learning to Fly

One of the things I’ve been thinking about with Fancy Hats growing, and growing with new people, is how to advise people on when to get in a bigger ship.  I have my own opinions (naturally) and I thought I’d share them here:

T1 Frigates – ALWAYS fly T1 frigates.  They are fun.

T1 Destroyers – Another great ship for everyone

T1 Cruisers – I’m pretty liberal about hopping in these.  They are a lot of fun as well, much more capable than they used to be, and still pretty cheap.  You want to be fitting some T2 mods before you use them a lot.  Especially tank.

T1 Battlecruisers – Full T2 tank, decent fitting skills, and some secondary weapon skills will all make your first time in a battlecruiser both more enjoyable, and longer than mine was.

T1 Battleshisp – T2 tank, good to great fitting skills.  T2 weapons are a Good Idea.  If you can’t even fit T1 large guns… don’t fly it.

I know that getting into a bigger class of ships is fun and exciting.  It will be that much more fun and exciting when you are skilled enough to enjoy those ships and not watch them ‘splode 20 minutes after you get in.  Again trust me on this.

T2 Frigates – T2 mids and lows.  T2 guns for AFs.

T2 Destroyers – Fully T2

T2 Cruisers – Logistics require excellent fitting skills, HACs absolutely require T2 guns.  AB-SO-LUTE-LY people.  Recons require pretty much all the support skills to be excellent as well.

T2 BCs – Command skills, FULL T2 fittings.

T2 BS – Do I have to mention you really don’t want T1 guns on a Marauder?

Now, a pet peeve of mine

Faction ships deserve T2 guns.  Please people.  I know most offenders are wallet warriors wanting a badass Raven with only 2 million SP, but PLEASE, Faction guns are good, but they are no substitute for T2 guns.  Bring the right tools, do these majestic behemoths justice.  Fit them with the weapons they deserve.

Pirate Faction I’ll even go a step beyond.  With Pirate Faction ships you really should consider some faction tank modules.  Unlike the guns, everything else is usually better faction or deadspace in some way.  Sure you can fully T2 the thing, and you should at least have the SKILLS to do so, but improving a ship by throwing faction on there at this price point is probably something to at least consider.

These are my hard-and-fast rules.  The goal is to prevent players from losing isk by flying ships that they cannot really fly properly, that they cannot protect in combat, and cannot utilize to any extent.  Special pet peeves for people using T1 frigate guns on BS, or somehow flying HACs with a T1 fit.  If you can’t take advantage of the ship’s bonuses to a great extent, you should fly a smaller (but not lesser) ship that you can get more mileage out of.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. I’m playing EVE for 4 months now and i’m doing FW.
    Personally i’m a little more strict with what i need to fly something.
    T2 guns and T2 tank or i don’t fly the ship, additionally i don’t fly a ship if i have to put more than one fitting rig on it.
    It limits my current ship choice but i have a lot of success in PVP.
    I think your article is a nice guide for people who want to try out some PVP or do missions.

  2. I’d go a bit further than that and suggest that it’s better to learn to fly frigates, and fly them REALLY well before stepping up to cruisers. Fly cruisers REALLY well, etc etc.

    Why? A couple of reasons:

    The first is support skills. Be it cap, navigation, fitting, if you’re weak in one area it will come back to bite you in the arse. The larger the hull, the more that weakness is apparent. Having those in place will future proof you to a large extent as well.

    Secondly, guns guns guns (as you’ve mentioned). Specialisations to 4 before stepping up a class. Increasing skill multipliers drag out the training time as you move up as well which will delay your ability to use the hull well. Secondary weapon systems too for that matter.

    Thirdly, each ship is a specific tool and best used in certain ways. The knowledge of the right combinations of fittings and tactics, how to use them on a changing battlefield, even knowing when you’re outmatched quickly enough to bug out doesn’t come overnight.

    Lastly, the competitive edge or fun factor. Success breeds success to a large extent. Hopping into a larger hull when you’re not really ready for it is pretty much a recipe for what is likely an expensive disaster. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking PvP or PvE.

    Ugh. Wall o text. All imho as per usual.

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