Returning to Incursions

So I hopped into an Incursion with LV 6 tonight.  I went all in and sold a bunch of hangar crap to get a decent Nightmare setup.  I actually managed to have some Cap issues running vanguards, but managed to get most of it sorted out fairly quickly.  Incursions are one of those incredibly good sources of income, if you can fit a T2 tank on a battleship, and have decent support skills and someone willing to bring an off-grid booster you can run some sites.

The hinges that swing the door open on incursions are:  Leadership, Logistics, Boosters, and Damage.

Leadership has to understand what the fuck they are doing.  It might not be rocket surgery, and it’s pretty straight forward, but you have to know your stuff, you have to understand the possible waves, the right kill order, and you have to get it right all the time.  You have to be alert enough to keep your fleet moving, and it helps if you can do it for 10 hours straight.

Logistics keeps you in business.  Good logistics saves ships, bad logistics costs a LOT of isk.  Really good logistics makes your fleet faster and more effective.  Getting good, highly skilled logis, in both SP and actual talent, can make your day a helluva lot easier.

Boosters make everyone’s life easier.  Skirmish boosters enhance the range and effectiveness of webs.  This is great for helping BS wallop frigates.  Armor and Shield boosters greatly increase your survivability by making logistics less intensive, and by boosting resists to even higher levels.

Damage = isk.  All of this adds up to allowing you to put more damage on the table, to run more sites faster, and to win contested sites.  All of which totals more isk.  Seeing wallet ticks every 6-8 minutes, rather than 10+ is nice.  It might not be the old 3 minute OTA trains that made me drool over Incursions, but it certainly is sexy enough.

The main requirements for a “low level” fleet are 3 logistics ships, fully kitted out, and 7 or 8 DPS ships.  Ideally Faction BS, but even relatively simple fits like These found on the EvE-Uni wiki can get a relatively new (but well supplied) player into the game.  I’m lucky enough, and well-established enough, to spend a billion to get back in, and to recoup a good chunk of my investment in one night.  Over a weekend I could recoup have or more.  I’ll keep up on it.  I’ll make some more money.  I’ll pimp my dread.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. I’ve found that battleships for Vanguards are far less effective than boosted and well-fit battlecruisers. The simple reason is tracking, and I’ll leave it at that.

    My FW corp runs incursions sites maybe once every couple months for a night, pulls about 60 mill an hour in bounties, and uses nothing but shield hurricanes, feroxes, two scimis, and one guy on field in a vulture. A total of maybe eight ships. Works a treat, and we don’t need 15 webs for the dps to hit the frigates.

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