So after a calamitous day at work I needed to unwind.  First we set up a very unwieldy gank operation in Niarja that yielded…. Bupkis.  Then, more and more corp members kept logging in.  I realized we had enough for a fleet so I started getting guys moving to our staging system, picking up our kitchen sink ships and getting organized.  Then I saw Thryson of Bondage Goat Zombie hop on.

We have a bit of a history with BGZ.  Amazingly it’s even a friendly one.  When Fancy Hats were in S I L E N T. we had friends in BGZ who would come along and cause trouble with us, or pick fights and invite us in for the fun.  It worked pretty well up until S I L E N T. fell apart.  I recently noticed BGZ tooling around Ami so I have been talking with BGZ.  I convoed him last night about our upcoming roam:  BOOM doubled our fleet size.  Formup took a while as we wanted to be mostly T1 with a Rapier and a Onieros as support.  Even getting into AMI was fun.  A catalyst, an Ashimmu and a Stabber were all popped very quickly as the fleet started to coalesce.

The fleet finally got moving rather later than I’d hoped.  I wanted to ‘splode more ships so I hung on as long as I could.  Heading to Antem we found nothing other than an Omen Navy Issue that had the bad luck to land in our fleet and jump through without even forcing us to split our fleet.  We set ourselves up to head for Old Man Star for more blood.  The way down proved somewhat fruitful.  We tagged an Itty V that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, then lucked into a Tengu that just wasn’t paying attention and tore him apart.

Nearing Old Man Star we found a hostile T3 BC fleet with a Scimi and some fast stuff.  We jumped through them into OMS and let them jump in.  Sadly I managed to NOT have my overview showing attack battlecruisers somehow.  Sigh.  We nailed the firetail, but couldn’t get anything else and we lost the Onieros, a Cane, a Blackbird and an Incursus.  I’m sure we’d have nabbed one of the T3s if I’d, ya know… seen it and been able to call it primary, still our fleet was a pretty healthy success, especially for Fancy Hats which ended up down a Hurricane and a Blackbird.  Somehow I managed to get on a Rapier killmail even though I’m almost certain I was out of the system by the time it popped, and don’t remember shooting a Rapier in the first place….

It was a nice, fun impromptu fleet.  We got to blow things up, work with new people, and most importantly:  Blow things up.

Fly dangerous.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Whats a T3 BC and where can i get one

  2. I think the BC overview thing is a glitch, I had 2 of my toons loose them of the ‘Shoot This’ tabs when they were clearly there before.

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