The One Where Corelin Defends Mining

So I decided to take the Ice Miners off the Mack for a little while.  Try a little belt mining.  Of course it’s a little difficult when you have a 9-5 in the US.  The belts in many systems look a bit… picked over.  Kind of like a Thanksgiving Turkey looks the next morning.  I’m not the worlds biggest fan of mining.  It’s hardly the most efficient way of gathering isk, but it does have an appeal as a semi-passive income source.  Assuming it’s actually semi-passive.  The problem is, it simply isn’t.

The system I mine ice in was completely empty.  0 rocks.  Next door were a few so skinny and so widely spread that I’d be better off running L1s.  The next had enough rocks in most belts to fill the cargohold once or twice, but again I had to constantly swap rocks.  Frankly this isn’t engaging as much as it is annoying.  The main reward for getting one of the best mining ships in the game was having to constantly hop from rock to rock to keep the hold filling.

It wasn’t very rewarding, it wasn’t very engaging, it wasn’t very fun.  I’ve never been a wild fan of belt layout, and I felt positively victimized by it this time around.  I feel that the reward for getting the very best in mining ships should be actually getting to mine for a while in them without having to swap targets faster than a Rapid Light Missile Launcher Drake running L2s.

Some things should change.  First off, belts gotta go.  Grav Sites, Ring mining, whatever.  Constantly shifting, constantly respawning.  Don’t make it so that every system always has the same 5 or whatever belts it had yesterday.  Today it has 7 Grav Sites, tomorrow:  none.  Today the rings are full of delicious rocks, tomorrow you can mine scrap metal.  Make it so that if you plan, scout and do your homework and bring a well equipped ship, you get to reap the rewards and do so in luxurious idleness.

There has to be a challenge.  There has to be a threat.  A new class of rats?  Maybe not even that rough damage wise, but they all tackle.  Maybe the longer you occupy a belt the stronger the rats become.  The bottom line is there has to be a threat, maybe the rocks move over time, possibly scattering, possibly closing in and hemming you in completely.

The spawning has to be equal among time zones.  By the time the US TZ folks get home there’s simply nothing left.  This is a pretty straight forward issue, but it has plagued the game for a long time.  Time to fix it.

Mining is an ancient part of EvE.  It shouldn’t match high-end high-profit PvE, but it should be viable for those that really want to practice it, and right now in highsec it’s a disaster, in lowsec it’s practically never done, and in Wormhole and Null it is fun for the miner, but more so for the hunter.  Let’s give the miner SOME place to shine.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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