I wanna be space-rich

So I’ve decided my goal for the rest of the year is to be space-rich.  I want to end up with a truly stupid amount of isk.  I have a pretty decent amount of wealth at the moment, but I’m nowhere near space-rich.  To me, space-rich is being able to fill out your stable with any ship you want, being able to fund fleets at need, and not lose a digit from your wallet.  That’s my goal.

I have some ideas for how I’m going to do it, but I’ve already found that I suck at market games.  I lack the native talent to find profit in the market.  I don’t know why this is.  I’ve considered PI, which has a steady income but there’s a *little* bit of work involved in getting the raw mats to where you need them, not to mention the risk getting the mats where you need them.  Construction is another possibility, but it would be a bit on the slow side as I’m lacking in toons, and again building expensive things require me setting up the supply chain, which I can do far better than market games, but at least it’s more practical than some choices.

High end PvE is another option.  It doesn’t look too promising though.  WH seem to be good money, but… it’s a wormhole.  Level 4 missions are not that lucrative.  They are nice but getting space rich would require me playing a LOT of missions.  I’d rather shoot players.  Level 5 missions on the other hand are a bit more lucrative, but it seems that the prices on faction loot still aren’t high enough for them to be as profitable as I need.  Incursions are another option, and a good one, except I hate chasing down the actual incursion.  Every time one ends (which may be only 1 night after I finally make it to one) you have to trudge your battleship or whatever ALL OVER SPACE.  Which gets old if it’s not your primary playstyle.

Anyone else got some good fun stuff that makes a pile of isk?  Other than sitting on a gate hoping some asshat jumps through with 200 plexes in his hold?

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. My current goal is to be filthy space rich and I’m trying to do that through capital construction. First Orca is on the market as of this morning!

  2. Ganking haulers in a .5 system, it pays off. Use a cargo scanner on an alt to see what is worth killing

  3. I have an ex-CEO who’s stashed PVE Tengu’s in different hi-sec regions for scanning and running sites. He runs them like clockwork ad nauseum, but it’s been incredibly lucrative for him.
    If you choose Incursions, maybe follow his example; fit and stash one battleship (or whatever) in different areas as you go? That way you’ll always have an available Incursion ship more or less nearby? Unless of course it’s too cost prohibitive. I know a lot of Incursion runners really bling out their ships.

  4. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Define space rich first.
    More and more, you are not rich unless you have a trillion ISK NAV.
    To achieve this, you have to be a very good, very busy trader, or in the upper echelons of a null sec group. I know one fellow, who is now a director in the feeder corp of a well know null alliance, who has 18 personal moons, 2 of them R64, most just reaction moons. He says his monthly income from the moons is 60-100 billion.

    To achieve that level of success requires ruthlessness and intelligence, and manufacturing stuff won’t get you there.

    I have been playing this game for over 5 years, and have a NAV a bit over 100 billion, and consider my ISK acquisition a failure.

  5. It all depends on what you consider “space rich”. For me it’s 100B+. If that’s your goal as well, then IMO the easiest way to attain it, are either station trading, or capital ship construction. These two are by no means the ONLY way, but to me, they seem to be the easiest way. The problem with Cap construction is that you either lose profitability because your are buying BPCs, or you need a lot of startup capital for BPOs. Station trading seems a bit more inconsistant on profits (and you can lose money if you get impatient or if the market turns on you), but seems to require a bit less startup capital.

    Contact me in game. I’m always looking at buying certain cap components at build cost + 5-10%


  6. As I see it the key reason you turn downed all the PvE, the standard time honored ISK grinds was… ‘cause you’d rather to shootz people in da face. So what would work for you is getting PAID lotsa ISK to do just that, right?

    Simple, you don’t wanna grind PvE, don’t wanna become a nulldrone and join The Mittens Collective… but you wanna be space rich and get paid to do what you like most… become a successful Merc or, join with successful Mercs… the key there is “successful”.

    Surely You’re Joking [HAHA] is just such a successful Merc Alliance. Our most recent big Op took The Last Chancers Alliance for over 517b ISK looted or destroyed (greater % of ISK was destroyed) for a few nights work, in fleet, with bros. Of the total looted we expect to clear approx 1 bil ISK for each member involved in the Op (splits determined by risk, IE number of toons+amount of time involved in the Op… IE 2 toons; 1 flew 2 days 1 flew 1 day = 3 shares and so on). The Alliance takes taxes off the top but as SYJ has a working ship repl fund we are very cool with that.

    That’s just one Op… we get paid to do System Defense, Evacuations, Evictions, Occupations, WH Locator Service and REVENGE, and we are good at it. If you are willing to add that to the crazy income from C6 Sleepers (one to several hundred ISK per sites Op per player), C5/6 gas site raids (C320 current Jita = buy 93,000ISK/sell 128,000ISK & C540 buy 30,000ISK/sell 79,500ISK) and C6 PI… you CAN be Space Rich in possibly the shortest amount of time in EVE while actually shootzing peoples!… I am not Space Rich though I should be, but ISK burns a hole in my hold… =]

    (And yes I added Sleepers and Gas mining and PI… if you don’t take advantage of these income streams in C6s yer simply letting hundreds of millions of EASY ISK slide through your fingers…)

    Or… if you really don’t wanna bother with all that… PLEX can be bought for the low low price of only $19.99 each!! for a measly $200.00 US you too can have 5bISK in the wallet with just a few little clicks… =\

  7. I am not sure what ‘space rich’ is. I have seemingly unlimited ambitions. Tur is part of high end WH space. I offer low end wormhole spaces (2 systems; a C1 with highsec exit; a c2 with c2/lowsec exits).

    From pure WH PI, Kirith earnings are listed at http://www.ninveah.com/2013/05/project-foo-closing.html, selling directly to our corp; in the wormhole.

  8. Wormhole Space BEST Space!! And… Main and both alts pull in 1 to 1.5bISK per month on PI alone… =]

  9. Gank missioners. 4-5B Tengus with resist holes

  10. Create a high sec mission corp and live off taxing your corp members.
    Create a null sec renter corp and live off taxing your corp members.

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