Fountain Flip Flop

So with the battle of 6V over TEST has effectively lost any realistic hope of holding Fountain.  They can launch strikes.  Well, they will launch strikes, and they will whelp at least one more CFC fleet because this is EvE and that kind of thing happens, but Fountain will belong to whoever CFC hands it to and the R64 moons will go to Goons and their croniest of cronies.  And yes that’s a word now.  Deal with it.

TEST will retreat to Delve and face harassment from CFC, but no actual invasion.  Delve is rather difficult to invade, not terribly worthwhile from what I understand of it’s wealth as far as an ALLIANCE is concerned, although it does have decent enough ratting and such to keep the nullbears quite happy.  This hasn’t been a violation of the “Big Blue Doughnut” (actually more or a big blue crescent but whatevs) but it does represent a power shift.  PL will go where the money is, I was surprised that they backed TEST to begin with and I will be surprised even more if they continue to work with them after this war.  I’m not sure they’ll head straight to Goons though.  I think they will want to see who ALL the movers and shakers are with the moon rebalance.  They might head where there’s more action at first.  In the long run, however, they will settle back into their erratic orbit with Goons and CFC as a whole.

Ironically we might see MORE supers in space once this desultory war winds down.   As the coalitions fall away from each other the opportunities to use the Supers might look more and more tempting, especially as Goons grind down the last chunk of structures.  Long-term I think Booda has to look at what he wants to do Vs. TEST alliance’s actual capabilities.  He should have a really good idea of what they can actually do, how far they can project what kinds of power, and for how long.  Now he has to match that with things that are fun and interesting and bring morale up.

CFC meanwhile can start hoarding money again.  Also they can send me some 😀

Fly Dangerous.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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