Space Marines: ATTACK!

So at least titling these posts is easy.  I’m continuing to add to my Space Marine army, both the knowledge I have and the army to succeed in 6th edition.  The new codex is more or less what we thought.  I am a little disappointed with some things, I am a little bit more excited with others.  First let’s talk the bad.


Ouch.  They got a lot better by becoming cheaper.  They got a lot worse because they don’t get a really good school of powers.  A pyromancy librarian is basically a heavy flamer you just BADLY overpaid for.  I want buffs damnit!  I don’t want mediocre guns that the enemy gets an extra save against.

Legion of the Damned

Another unit that got improved, but not enough.  I’m ok with them being stupid expensive if they are stupid good.  I’m not ok with them being kinda pricey and mediocre.

Space Marine Centurion Squad

Nope.  Slow and Purposeful on an assault unit?  I’m not a huge fan.  Delivering these guys where they can do some good is a near herculean feat.  Simply not worth the effort for a unit with a base 1 attack at 60 points a piece.

Vanguard Veterans

I’ve never been a huge fan of them, and they are stuck in the VERY crowded Elites section.  They can hit hard but as many points as they cost.  Ouch.

So that’s the units I think range from “meh” to “bleh” now let’s look at the standouts

Tactical Squads

No I’m not kidding.  They got cheaper, bringing them in line with other troops, they got a lot more in the way of options, and the ability to take a heavy or special weapon without going to ten men (and still able to take 2 at ten men) makes selection just a LOT more flexible.  Finally they are a good, tough scoring unit.  In a game that can turn on simply having a scoring unit near something these guys can make their bread just hanging tough.

Sternguard Veterans

They got cheaper, and while combi weapons got more expensive, they still benefit a LOT from being less expensive.  They aren’t great, but they are a solid, and VERY flexible killy unit, especially against horde armies, in a unit that really does need help in that regard.

Centurion Devastators

Where the regular Centurion Squad is a very blah sort of unit, the Devastators are the kind of supremely killy troops that can do all kinds of damage.  T5, 2 Wounds, and a 2+ armor save (albeit without an invuln save) and fantastic weapon options.  A squad of 3 will murder most of a squad of MEQ in the open, and even in cover will likely mulch the whole squad in 2 turns.  Against terminators they are even better, and that’s just with grav guns.  Tailoring for your opponent you could select missile launchers to thin down hordes, Lascannons to murder vehicles and TEQs and if you like handicapping yourself or are expecting a REALLY massive horde you can go for heavy bolters.  They do need to be kept in cover, and their range with grav guns is very meh, but they are still a brutally powerful gunline unit.

There’s some other units on both sides of the line, I like the Terminators, but they aren’t huge standouts, I like the flyers, but I would have to see them in combat (and hope to do so) before weighing in, and I’m a bit soft on the anti-air vehicles.  At first I thought Stalkers would be more popular but now I’ve seen a lot more Hunters, and I can see why reading the rules a bit more, and seeing the mathammer worked out.


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