Dare I Cross the Rubicon?

So CCP made their announcement today.  Rubicon sure looks like a sexy patch.  I’m gonna run down the list here:

In a little less than a month we will see


We all love new ships.  New designs and SEXY designs.  

BALLS that’s pretty.  Time to run some SOE missions?

That’s a ship I’d fly even if it WASN’T armor and drone bonuses.  And yes that’s what it seems to be.  This not only fills a MUCH needed gap in the basic racial combination grid as far as faction ships (calling Sisters “Pirates” seems a bit odd) but also brings a completely new flavor to the basic designs.  I can’t wait to see what they do with Calmatar ships now.  

Balancing Act

Marauders is old news, but fun.  Inties and Dictors are neat, and the Inty changes to being more mobile in every sense of the word seem awesome.  EAFs aren’t mentioned on the website but I do hope they make it in as TM.com has said.  Dictors should pose an interesting challenge.  These are already essential ships, but at times they seem ridiculously defenseless and at others they seem incredibly powerful.  Maybe it’s the mark of them already being decently balanced as a class, but some of them REALLY need a balance pass to be useful for something other than planting a bubble.  

Poking POCOs

Oh, we get to take over highsec POCOs now.  Maybe NOW we’ll see some action in highsec wardecs.  Come to think of it… we may have a new career out there for people that want to do that.  I like less NPC action, and I like more pew pew.  That means I have to give this two thumbs up even if it means a crap ton of structure shoots right?

Structurally Unsound

Mini structures we can haul around to do things for us.  Other than bubbles I mean.  This is NOT a new idea.  In fact it probably pre-dates virtually the entire CCP dev team at this point.  I bet they think they came up with it all on their own.  I really like the “Yurt” and there’s gonna be a lot of tactical shifts based on the cyno stuffer.  Hot dropping people just got tougher, that’s for sure.  Also you can make a profitable raid just knowing where the good moons are.  This will give small gangs a lot more utility, and provide some bonuses to larger gangs, although not as much as they tend to have all those resources with them already if they want.  I do like the concept though.  We shall have to see how it plays out.  

My main account is currently unsubbed.  This isn’t news to those that know me I’m guessing.  I’m not done with EvE.  I probably won’t be done until the servers shut down.  I am burnt out a bit and enjoying other games and activities too much to play though.  I’ll certainly burn a plex around patch day.  Whether it will keep me for more time than that remains to be seen.  CCP has been all over the place recently, and there seems to be a lack of understanding between the players and the staffers on the culture of the game.  I want the players to win but they don’t hold the levers of power so we shall see where that goes and whether I dive back into the game with my cutlass in my teeth or remain an observer looking in.  

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Back to HiSec WarDec’s we go! Right after I spend the next six weeks farming LP’s in Osmon…

  2. If push comes to shove. I will cease all PI operations. I make some POS fuel, nanite paste and a few of the outpost components. If you use tech2 modules/ships/ammo or paste – expect to pay double to those strong enough to resist wardecs. (but it will take a while to consume existing market surplus). I was only casually monitoring my PI anyway with 6½ day cycles. (ie didn’t want that planet anyway). It was not for the ISK, but something to pass the time while in a miner op. I would suspect that to be the norm for casual players. I did have passing thoughts of a POS-less op within a WH with alts. But as a former chess player – I can see a lost match and know when to resign.

    I will be curious to see how the current Concord units will be removed.

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