It takes HOW Long?

Sorry for being out.  Work is picking up and it’s likely this whole quarter will be like this.  Still and all I need to post MOAR.  Especially when I’m up to about 20 drafts.

BUT ENOUGH OF THIS.  Let’s talk about spaceships.  Specifically, how fast they warp.  Battleships went from 30ish seconds in warp (not counting align time) to 50+ not including your align time.  That means that we’re talking around 2 minutes a system at an average of 20 AU.  Longer warps take longer of course, and this is gonna change some things.  I’m gonna talk about travel first.

Travelling is going to take longer.  This is going to have a couple big effects.  First: Taxi Titans are even more important.  It’s hard to make a change that doesn’t help Goons but this one… it helps goons a lot.  They can move heavier fleets faster than anyone especially on their home turf because they can ferry people with titans easily.  That makes this a supercap buff in my book.  They are that much more essential and the people that have them will profit more for it.

Fleet comps will have to be more diverse.  Tackle will be essential as BS simply won’t arrive on the field with enough time to tackle anything.  Just throwing in some dictors and logis probably won’t cut it.  FCs and doctrine bunnies will have to look hard and how much they need.  Also having squadrons that can go out and pin an enemy on the field, mix it up with them, while you get your hammer out is going to be important.

The nightmare in all this is coordination.  Presumably fleets will still warp at the speed of the slowest ship.  That part is easy, but getting your tackle out there moving at one speed, some heavier tackle out there at another, your battleships out there at yet another and god HELP you if you have to move caps within a system.  Although as slow as they align that’s hardly new.

Planning and preparation is going to be huge.  HUGE.  The kind of operational planning that Goonswarm has long excelled in will be even more important once we cross the Rubicon.  Alliances are going to find moving fleets to attack far more complicated, and even defending with a heavy fleet will likely cause far more issues than today.  Oh and forget catching up in a BS.  Not gonna happen.  Unless you want to bring an inty, be on time.  Inty pilots feel free to show up three hours late and buy your ship whenever because apparently you are a combination of fast as shit and unstoppable.  Seriously.

There will be more consequences, intended and unintended.  These are my first glance reactions.

And yes I do know there’s current CCP Financials.  If you are really lucky I’ll hit that Thursday.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Drafts can be very interesting things, because they give an insight into an author’s mind. Don’t be shy.

    But good points overall. Of course, given how entangled Goonswarm is by its sheer numbers into the game, what is there which would not buff at least some part of Goonswarm.

    My biggest concern is that Solo pilots are put even more at a disadvantage. I haven’t thought the upcoming changes fully through yet (maybe I’m simply too afraid to), but being a Solo pilot is hard enough as it is. And I’ll go out on a limb and state that Solo operators are an essential ingredient to the success of an MMO.

    If only to give a sheen towards the existence of a Plan B for new players.

    • o/ Druur.

      Not entirely sure how this is a nerf to solo players — most of the playerbase would probably agree that if you’re soloing in a BS, unless you are just _that_ bad-ass, :UrDoingItWrong: anyway.
      Unless you mean solo nullbears, in which case yes, a slow-aligning, slow-warping CNR or Nomi might just make a tasty, tempting morsel for a roaming Inty-HAC gang.

      Despite Rise’s apparent intentions (as expressed by comments about Marauders), this will probably lead to BSes being relegated to the scrap heap entirely, for both PvP and PvErs, in favor of the already-established tier-3, tech-3, and ARRMOORRR HAAACCCSSS!!! comps.

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