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Ok, this is just fucking embarrassing.  Seriously who the HELL let this one through.  I’m gonna quote it in its entirety because… well… it’s not a lot.

EVE Online is known for its epic battles. Not only did last Monday see the biggest EVE battle to date, but the developers and players have already started work on a monument to remember the event.

The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, as the battle is now known, will be commemorated in game with the Titanomachy monument, constructed from the wrecked models of the brand new Titan ship introduced with Rubicon’s 1.1 release (coincidentally right after that battle). The permanent monument site will live around the seventh planet in the B-R5RB solar system and is already expected to be a pilgrimage destination for many players.

You can read a complete recap of the Bloodbath of B-R5RB on the most recent dev diary, and be sure to tune in today at 19:00 UTC (2:00 p.m. EST) for a developer livestream discussing the event and Rubicon 1.1’s release.

First a bit of a quibble.  Developers are doing the work on the monument.  Players don’t exactly have a ton of input beyond some suggestions from the CSM.

Let’s look at the real lowlight:

constructed from the wrecked models of the brand new Titan ship introduced with Rubicon’s 1.1 release (coincidentally right after that battle).

So wait.  The monument will be made of the wrecks of the brand new Titans.  The ones introduced in 2013’s Rubicon expansion.  Not the Titans from 2005’s Red Moon Rising expansion.

There’s two possibilities here.  The first is that Shawn Schuster simply doesn’t play EvE, has no experience with it, and is unaware that Titans have a tremendously long and infamous history in-game.  This would seem to have some weight to it because, well, 74 Titans got blowed up in and around B-R, which would be really awkward if they were introduced the day after the battle.  Second that he or his editor changed some words around and instead of talking about the new wreck models, put the word new in front of Titans.  In which case the editor should be fired.  Out of a cannon.  Into the sun.

Even more than Brendan’s tone-deaf rants, characterized by an even narrower scope and vision than my own toilet-paper roll view of EvE, this kind of writing goes beyond “Stringer” and into “Silly String”.  Gamers tend to take their games seriously, and having someone who simply knows nothing about the game write about it (which I believe to be the case judging by his writing history with Massively) is unacceptable.  I’m not saying that Shawn is a bad writer.  It’s actually a bit hard to judge him based on what he seems to be called on to write, but asking him to write about EvE does him a tremendous disservice.  It’s like sending a blind man to explore a mine field.

If Massively is going to rely on Copy/Pasting links and writing 150 word summaries they can at least spend another 5 minutes to provide ACCURATE 150 word summaries.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. The third possibility, the correct one, is that it is a reference to the new wreck models for capitals introduced in Rubicon.

    • But that’s not what is written.

    • “…constructed from the wrecked models of the brand new Titan ship introduced with Rubicon’s 1.1 release (coincidentally right after that battle).”
      This is a perfect example of what an English teacher would point out as an “unclear antecedent”. To wit, because of the poor placement of the adjective phrase “brand new”, it’s unclear to the reader whether “brand new” is an adjective modifying “Titan ship” or “wrecked models”. Those of us who play EVE clearly know what Titan ships are, and are generally aware that Titan wreck models were changed in Rubicon 1.1.
      Thus, via a bit of deduction, we EVE players know that “brand new” modifies wrecked models, not Titan ships.
      The average MMO player (or non-MMO player, or non-gamer period) would have no clue either way, and be rather confused as to how Titan ships that weren’t in the game at the time of the battle, were wrecked IN the battle. Further, they’d marvel at why CCP “and players” would build a monument out of ships that didn’t exist and weren’t in the battle, and would likely conclude that CCP and EVE players are a bunch of idiots. They would, ironically, be half-right. _Which_ half, that’s debatable.
      ^^ That, in a nutshell, is what Corelin is ranting about, though neither of you referenced the fact it was a basic written English issue that should have been covered in a HS freshman English class. Given that the site in question is purporting to be “gaming journalism” of sorts, one would expect their writers to have a degree of English mastery sufficient to avoid such simple shenanigans.
      *Waiting for someone to attempt to grammar-Nazi me… >;-D

  2. Does anyone treat Massively seriously these days? I thought they were simply a PR agency for the latest themepark treadmill MMO.

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