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Ok, this is a follow on the my post $ensational(ism) from the other day.  And since I used the Dollar sign there, I’m throwing the Cent sign here.  At the end of $ensational(ism) I threw out a statement that hadn’t really been introduced or supported, and I didn’t really like leaving it out there.  It’s kind of an itch that I need to scratch.

Battles don’t happen in a vacuum.  There’s a rich context for them.  There’s a reason for them, and that reason tells part of the story.  For example let’s look at the Halloween war.  N3 booted Solar out of that bastion of Russian Rodina, the Eastern Drone Regions.  Because EvE has always been at war with Eastasia.  In fact I think this poster could be a great EvE recruiting poster:

Starring The Mittani as Emmanuel Goldstein and Big Brother all at once.

Starring The Mittani as Emmanuel Goldstein and Big Brother all at once.

So N3 has gone after the Russians.  PL is backing them because they are bored and getting paid (presumably) Goons are backing the Russians because the one thing the Goons will almost always do is help the Russians and the only people the Russians can be absolutely counted on to help is the Goons.  They have had each other’s back for a long time.

Added to the fun:  PL and Goons have a deep and complex relationship.  Frenemies is probably too strong, but Friendly Rivals certainly isn’t too strong a term.  Their mutual history runs a long damn time, and includes a lot of knives in a lot of backs.  Right now they trust each other in that way you trust someone who you know is planning to knife you at some point, just not this week.

On to the point.  Right now CCP is seeing a huge rush of people trying out EvE due to the media coverage of B-R.  These players joined because they saw huge space battles, they saw huge numbers of players, of dollars, of explosions.  Right now a lot of them are finding out 2 things.  First:  This game is COMPLICATED.  Second:  You can get into a lot of content in a hurry if you make the right connections, but it might not be for you, and even if it is it might not be the best thing.  CCP has sold people a game where you fight battles with thousands of players, in a universe where you can make a mark forever.  What they didn’t mention too loudly was that there’s not many battles that big, and except for the statue, the odds of you making your mark in any lasting way are pretty small.  Sure you can be bold, lead, and do great things.  You can also get chased out in ignominy in three weeks.

Now just in case you are a new player looking for tips, here’s some for you:

  1. Don’t fit warp core stabs.  Just don’t.
  2. Ask questions.  If you don’t get answers you can understand, ask again somewhere else.
  3. Find a community to be a part of.  You don’t have to actually join a corp, but you really should start making friends ASAP.
  4. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  5. Try different things.
  6. Ask for help.
  7. Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.
  8. Don’t fit stabs.
  9. Fill the slots on your ship.
  10. 1 tank per ship please
  11. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose
  12. and Don’t.  Fit.  Stabs.
I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Corelin, what the hell is it with you and Rixx about the perfectly good and valid module, Warp Core Stabalizers (AKA WCS or Stabs)?
    A Notice to To ALL New Players…
    Under certain conditions Warp Core Stabs can SAVE your ship…. and as new players who can’t AFFORD a fleet of backup ships yet, the potential to possibly disengage from a fight, hence saving a ship you can ‘barely’ afford to lose, is not necessarily a bad thing… Please keep in mind Corelin and Rixx Javik are hard core PvPers and hate WCS (stabs) with a White Hot Hate because players who fit them can sometimes ‘escape’ from them and live to fight another day… They see this as unfair and somehow ‘bad’… it’s not.
    There is nothing inherently wrong with Stabilizers… or any of the other types of ECCM for that matter, and which Stabs are BTW… they are useful modules that mirror RL battle weapons and tactics… Learn about ALL of it, all the modules for Attack and Defense, and ECM and ECCM are a part of that.
    Download, install and spend a LOT of time in PYFA, an out game ship fitting tool (or EFT if you prefer the T1 variant), and read blogs, read articles, read…. read… read… and don’t listen to the nay-sayers… generally, I’ve found if someone spends a lot of time or ink (or recycled electrons) on how ‘bad’ this or that ‘thing’ is in this game, it’s because that thing screws with the way they play or want to play the game… I often feel that may be the best possible reason to find out more about said ‘thing’ and how best to use it… =]
    Set skills, update your clone, accept that you will lose ships in order to learn how to win, then UNDOCK and get out there and have fun!!

    • Tur — the post isn’t about WCS. If you want to rant about WCS, you should perhaps go to one of the aforementioned Rixx posts and lay waste to him about it.
      You missed the whole forest for a Single. Fucking. Tree. It’s not even a really big tree. It’s an ugly little thing, barely clinging to life, and too gnarled to be useful as anything but fuelwood for someone’s flames. Speaking of which, you’re a PvPer too, you know — just you do it with words more than ships.
      Sadly, Core, as to the larger meaning of your post, we talked about this quite a bit at the Vegas Community Roundtable — the terribad “social tools”, how things in-game are [dis]organized in such a way as to make it hard for new players to connect with the Community-At-Large, even if they WANT to — hell if they even _know_ there’s a “larger community” out there.
      Despite the news ticker, community spotlights, etc, on the launcher or main EVE page, a lot of new players don’t understand, or worse yet, can’t be bothered: they’re used to themepark MMOs that spoon-feed them instructions and lead them by the hand.
      The simple fact is, that for all his nerd-ragey-sperg, Dinsdale is right about one thing: those who have reached the “elite” levels of the game aren’t inclined to teach others their methods. Those of us who’re willing to take a crack at teaching, generally aren’t that elite. :-/
      It’s not as “tinfoil” as he makes it, just human nature. You work hard to learn the “best” ways to do things, you accrue wealth and power, which you might not mind sharing a little now and again — but the means to _obtain_ that wealth and power, that is the Sacred Secret, which must be locked up and kept under wraps and the tightest guard.

  2. The problem with WCS is that they do far more than just make you harder to catch. They also interfere with your signature resolution (time to lock and thus time it takes you to fight back) and locking distance. Fitting a WCS to a ship you intend to use for combat will severely reduce the combat ability of that ship. Sure you might get away, but if the WCS wasn’t there to begin with there’s a much greater chance you actually win the engagement. Fitting a WCS to a combat ship is giving up before the fight ever happens.
    WCS should be used for what they are intended for, ships that are not meant to enter combat but to avoid combat at all costs.

  3. WCS can be perfectly valid on a combat ship, taking a Nestor to market for example

  4. As a helpful tip to new players I’d have dropped one of your WCS fitting suggestions and gone with “Read the ship bonuses then fit your ship accordingly to maximise success”. Emmbarassingly and for illustration, when I first started playing EVE I was fitting a Rifter with rail guns X-D

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