Corelin is Dead. Long Live Corelin Lintu

So I’ve more or less given up on EvE.  It just doesn’t have the draw for me anymore.  It’s too hard to find interesting people doing interesting things for me anymore.  I’m not dropping the Corelin persona in my gaming however, I am adapting him, and the Lintu clan to other games.  First up:  FF XIV

So I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan ever since the very first game hit my old NES.  I’ve played to completion every main sequence game except 8 (I cannot stand Squall) and played all the Tactics, Mystic Quest, etc.  I never got into FF XI very much because it came too early for me to really get into.  Boy did I get into XIV though.  I played it after release when it hit the main stage like a rotten tomato.  I don’t know what it was supposed to be, but it was a clean miss.  It didn’t feel like much of anything, from a Final Fantasy game, to a Top Flight MMO, to a Grindbox game.  It was just a wild mishmash, a Chimera launched malformed into the world.  It was actually fun, but definitely not worth the $14.99 a month.

So Squenix bit the bullet, fired some people, moved others around, and reborned it.  Let me give you my unvarnished opinion of it.  First the good

  • Graphics are great, this is a visually stunning game, that does full justice to the sort of majesty we have come to expect from a Final Fantasy game.
  • The music is amazing.  Seriously.  Battle Music is better than world themes, but when has that not been the case with Final Fantasy?  Let me give you A FEW EXAMPLES.  Yes the last one is a bit odd.
  • Fan service.  2 of those 3 songs are references to previous games.  Battle on the Bridge is one of the more famous FF themes.  Good King Moggle Mog is one of the crazier fights, especially as it has you smashing moggles, who are normally (literally) falling all over themselves to help you.  Chocobos are huge.  Goobues.  Coerls.  Primals/Summons/Name it.
  • Long Global Cooldown.  I wish they used this better but I love how that 2.5 second GCD gives you plenty of time to plan out your move and act or react to the fight rather than spamming through your rotation/priority tree.
  • Enough Story.  Rather than being a primarily story-drive game like Star Wars, or barely bothering with the story like WoW, this game finds a happy medium.  The story is there.  You will play through it once, but if you don’t want to pay attention, you don’t have to.  I barely did until I got to bits I liked.  I will mention that I *HATE* Western Thanalan.
  • Combat in general is very good.  Some of the animations are repetitive.  Arcanists hold their book one way.  That’s it.  Kinda dull for 50 levels and countless dungeons.  Ditto for all the magic users.  Still there’s plenty going on.  ALL the fights require you to think, move, and react to your opponent.  All of them.  That level 3 rat has an AoE that will make you very sad if you stand in it.

Now the not so good

  • The game is a tiny bit cutesy for the “serious” gamer.  It doesn’t always take itself seriously, and this includes ALL aspects of the game.  If you beat Thornmarch and get moogle gloves before finishing your relic quest as a monk you are gonna look like this for a while.

    Yes, those are Moogle heads.

    Now that’s fine for some people.  Including me actually.  But sometimes you will be wanting to feel like a hardcore badass, and you are partied with three Lalafell geared out in full up Kawaii gear.  You can zoom out and ignore it, but it’s still an issue, and an understandable one.

  • The game bogs down in places.  1-50 isn’t smooth, and some endgame gear will be gotten all out of order.  You will get your ilvl 80 weapon before you get much more than a handfull of pieces of other gear.
  • Endgame on the whole was VERY week until a couple weeks ago, now it is smoother, but still could use some help.  I do believe they are working on it, but it is more of a work in progress than it should be.
  • It’s a very Japanese game.  Grinding is a perfectly acceptable thing to put in for them, to the point where mindless repetition of quests or quest equivalents is just fine by the devs.  In addition sometimes the game feels VERY different from a European/American MMO.  Be it WoW or LotRO or SWTOR these games have a lot in common.  This game defies some of that.  It’s not all comfortable for us Americans, although I do like changing things up, sometimes I want to know WHY things are a certain way.
  • I don’t like the crafting.
  • I don’t like the gathering.
  • Housing is expensive.  *Really* expensive.

All in all it’s very fun.  The community is quite helpful, and jerks get called out more often than they don’t.  That’s big for me.  The staff is responsive to petitions, and other than the occasional grindbox segment, the game is just fun.  Seriously watch that Gilgamesh fight and tell me that doesn’t look like a blast.

Later this month I’m going to talk about how bad I am at World of Tanks, and since it’s Sexual Assault Awareness month I will probably talk about why everything you were told about consent is school is horrible.  Till then fly safe, enjoy your game and be excellent to each other.  In addition I’m working on the old podcast and streaming with Matt from the podcast on occasion.

Also:  Gonna need some new art.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. You’re dead to me.

  2. Sorry to see ya go, bro. I could’ve used someone with your talent and ability, but selfish reasons aside, you seemed like a cool guy, and I rather enjoyed your writing on EVE. Any thoughts on doing ESO? 🙂

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