Warmachine: The Battle Boxes Part 2



Like a lot of things with Khador this thing is as subtle as an axe to the face.  The Destoyer will shoot things and then bash them in the face with its axe.  The Juggernaut will hit things really, really hard.  Over and over.  Both of these bastards are tough as nails.  Very high armor, an incredible number of damage boxes, weapons that hit like trucks gone wrong.  Slightly slower than rocks going uphill.  Sorscha is the key to the box.  She is a missile.  The heavies herd the enemy, thrashing what they can, chasing away what they can’t.  Sorscha can race across the table as fast as any battlebox caster and hit hard.  Not as hard as a heavy, but still hard enough to crush any light or any ‘caster.  This is a fun, challenging, and tough box.

Caster – 8/10 – Sorscha does a little bit of everything, a solid spell list, a great feat, and a good weapon.  No one is going to complain about her.  She’s an aggressive all-rounder and that’s good in this game.
Destroyer – 6/10 – canted a little bit to the shooting side, and too slow to be really really good, but not something you want to underestimate.
Juggernaut – 7/10 – Nearly 8/10 he hits like a truck, but is just too slow.  Way too slow.


A great box.  2nd only to Cryx.  There’s a lot of fun to be had here.  Kreoss is a bastard.  He’s got decent spells.  He’s got an amazing feat.  He hits plenty hard.  Backing him up are the Crusader, an unsubtle, hard hitting jack with some power to it, while Kreoss can’t buff it, he can support it by clearing out enemy buffs and debuffs.  There’s a Repenter which is great at clearing out infantry (and pretty useless in a battle box) and a Revenger which gives you an arc node.  This makes Kreoss even better.  This allows Kreoss to move about freely and still affect the battlefield as a whole with his spells.  Most factions you buy models and use their abilities to support each other.  Protectorate operates differently.  You buy models and use their abilities directly on each other to build massive combos so something that looks unimpressive but cheap is just an empty canvas waiting for paint.

Caster – 10/10 – A dominant caster who is tough to play against but not in the crippling oh-god-let-this-game-end fashion as Denny.

Crusader – 8/10 – Slow as a Jugg, it is just a better value and is far better supported by the other elements of the box.

Repenter – 6/10 – It beats the defiler.  It can hit the broad side of a barn if it’s standing inside it (which the defiler CANNOT DO) and continuous effect: fire is plain MEAN.  Even in a battle box facing mostly jacks.

Revenger – 7/10 – It’s useful to Kreoss but it’s not essential to him.  It does make him better and helps make him dominant in the battle box setting but it’s just not quite there as a choice for him.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


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