World of Tanks: On Tilt and The Stopper

So I have gone back to more WoT and less WoWS.  WoT is a pretty mature game.  There’s a lot of tuning going on, but the game system is more or less complete.  There’s a lot of fun to be had and I enjoy it immensely.

But I’m not very good.  My ratings are below average, although improving, and I’m trying very hard not to care with most of my tanks.  Some of them I do care about, for example I firmly believe that if you aren’t over 50% in a fully upgraded T29 you probably shouldn’t be playing heavy tanks.  It’s just that good.

One of the things I guard against very well is going “On Tilt” which is a phrase for getting reckless or overly aggressive.  Basically you lose a game, as a result you start playing worse, which makes you lose more… you get the idea.  I am very good at avoiding this IN GENERAL.  But we all have our moments and we all mess up.  Tonight I struggled mightily in the M4A3E2 Jumbo.  Which is a VERY good tank and a VERY hard one to go on tilt in.  It’s well armored, fast enough to get out of trouble, slow enough not to get you IN trouble, and has a very good gun that rewards patience.

Somehow I lost several games in a row; one of which I scored 4 kills in and had more EXP than anyone on the winning team.  Le sigh.  I ended up finally getting a win but it was a VERY rough night and I forgot the best way to stop going on tilt.  Bring out The Stopper.

In baseball a “Stopper” is an older pitcher who may or may not be a teams Ace but is always the guy they count on to stop a skid.  For example in 2004 Pedro may have been the Ace but Schilling was The Stopper.  For all of Pedro’s emotional antics, Schill was out there to win at all costs.  For me The Stopper has become the T29.  It is VERY hard to have a bad game in this tank and it can carry games even at Tier 8 with some luck.  It’s also a relaxing tank to play, it has a very smooth roll and you can very easily make shots on the move.  In fact I’ve built mine up to make shots on the move and I love imagining the look on people’s faces when I reliably hit them on the move while moving, turning my turret and still hitting weak spots.

Going on tilt is bad.  It’s bad in EvE, it’s bad in FFXIV, it is AWFUL in League of Legends and it’s very bad in WoT.  The key is having that stopper.  Whether it’s an Alt in EvE.  A good raid leader, a good friend to pull you back, or that unstoppable tank that lets you recover your balance, find a stopper, and don’t go on tilt.

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  1. The problem with a lot of players in WoT is that they focus way too much on the win. Winning a pubbie match in WoT is like expecting to win a poker round. Individual skill can turn the tide but this is not a guarantee and if you have 14 lemmings on your team there is a high chance you won’t win.

    For me personally what counts regardless of whether I win or lose is did I damage the other tanks and get enough damage to make money. When I am playing with pubbies my standard tactic is to play selfishly. Let others fall on the sword before you.

    There will be that rare occasion where you do get some good players on your team but this is an exception. I let the 5 rushers go in and die and take my opportunity shots. I let the 2 AFK’ers sit there and spot the enemy for me.

    Not caring about the “win” is the only way I can play on the SEA servers where the majority of players do not speak any english and rarely if ever exhibit any kind of skill.

    Of course all this changes when you start playing Clan Wars with an organised group. Then WoT becomes an amazing game.

    • A: Wanna be my friend? (Corelin on NA)
      B: Yeah I like a good win percentage and I do feel I can influence it but I don’t get TOO hung up if my team wastes an awesome performance. Unless I have a x5 hanging in my garage afterwards then I RAEG OUT LIKE TEH HULK

    • Have to agree. Damage Ratio is a better idea of a players ability, although SPGs can mess with that number.

  2. Reblogged this on Digital.Flash.Fire and commented:
    Great Article on World of Tanks, thanks Corelin!

  3. Tilt has nothing to do with your skill
    They force you into a higher level battles until your win rate is around 50%
    It’s a patented mechanics allowing everyone to have average wo rate and enjoy the game
    If your win rate drops too much you will suddenly start winning a lot without doing nothing

    • Actually Wargaming has admitted that there is no skill based matchmaking. It’s all tank types and tier. No ELO system, no “forcing you into higher level battles” otherwise there’d be no 64% people running around.

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