Tonks Tonks Tonks

So my main game lately has been World of Tanks.  It’s fun, it’s engaging. I feel like I’m making progress and the community is…

Well nothing is perfect.  The community isn’t terrible if you engage with the parts that are generally supportive of each other but you play games with everyone and everyone is a bit more than you would really want to play with.  The biggest problem with Multiplayer games is the other players.  Some games feel like 15 on 15 with great teamwork, some feel like 29 on 1 with horrific events and betrayals that have no place in this kind of game.  If I want to be backstabbed by so many people that some are actually backstabbing me to my face I’ll play EvE.

2015 was a good year for me in Tonks.  I great to understand a lot of the mechanics, and stopped playing TDs so much to focus on proper tanks.  While TDs can let you farm a TON of damage, you don’t learn to play well, especially if you don’t take the time to learn vision mechanics (key to TD play anyway but I found a way to not learn them) and the difference between my understanding of vision mechanics, penetration, weak spots, angling, and all the minutiae of Tonks has led to me becoming… average with a trend to above average.  Before summer I had a JPanther II (without the top gun) with a WN8 of 465.  Abysmal.  I still have awful scores in some tier 8s.  I JUST bought the Tiger II and this is not the weekend to learn Tiger IIs.  I like to think a better example is my T32 with 1167, the AMX 50 100 at 1431, or even the T-54 First Proto at 1312.  I’ll go into more depth on my lines but the big ones I’m pushing are the T110E5 line, the Object 140 line, and the AMX 50B line.  That should give me some good “stet pedder” lines.

The game is in a good place too.  There’s the usual EvE WoT is dying but I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before.  There’s quibbles that I have with the game, things that I really think they have to fix, but overall Wargaming has done a good job of polishing the game into a really nice state.


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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