Expect to see more of this both here and on Digital.Flash.Fire, because it’s a big part of “Community”.  Sportsmanship in online games is a slippery concept.  Someone might hide at the back all game, but why?  Botting?  Incompetence?  No clue how the game works?  Does the guy blindly driving into the shellfire have a hot date or did he not see the gunline of TDs waiting for him?  How about the guy blocking you from backing out of the line of fire yourself?

Rarely are these things black and white.  Often it seems like it in the heat of the moment but usually there isn’t a lot of clarity when someone is being an idiot, and when they are being a poor sport.  I’m going to talk about two VERY clear cases I ran into during WOT’s 5x end of year event.  The first was a bagadouche in an SU-100Y who didn’t like the fact that we had a lot of people going one way, and almost no one going the other.  First he complained in chat.  Yeah.  That happens a lot.  No biggie.  I told him to shut up and play because… well if you read this blog much you know how I feel about whining when you could be winning.  Then our hero reports in all-chat where our team is going.

This crosses the line.  There’s a difference between not liking how things are going and helping the other team.  Then, as soon as shells start flying, he parks RIGHT behind me, preventing me from backing off until I can get us untangled .  Again, helping the other team by preventing a top tier medium from relocating.  We went on to win even with this idiot helping the other team but… It was unnecessary and in a match that came right down to the wire his actions could have easily cost us the match.

Watch for yourself and judge.  Oh and Daveagain on NA:  Enjoy your 15 minutes of Infamy.

Next up we have another jackass who decides to tell the other team what’s going on and then to taunt us over our inability to do anything about it.  Barely 2 minutes in he reports where we are and then he laughs when we tell him he’s being reported because Wargaming will do nothing.  We’ll see about that.  ChesapeakeBullseye33 might be surprised about the outcome.

Now I know some of the response will be “So what, HTFU” and that’s a legitimate response.  But it’s a legitimate response only if you accept that the original problem isn’t total bullshit.  These guys are idiots.  They are hurting themselves, which is on them to deal with, as stupid as they are; but they are also hurting their teammates.  Now sometimes the stars align and I can carry like a mofo, and sometimes I can’t.

There’s one more battle after the ISU replay with our buddy Chesapeake.  In this one an IS3 has a great game that’s nearly ruined by some poor play on our team.  The guy rages for a bit, then he calms down.  He doesn’t report our locations to the enemy though, and he goes on to cheer on myself and the other guy on my team as we go 2 on 3 for the win.

Focus on playing your game better.  Make useful, positive suggestions to your teammates, and when you die or lose, accept it with grace or rage to yourself.



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