Doing Lines

So more World of Tanks.  I’m going to do a post on the lines I’m focusing on.  The lines in this game have a lot of variety so I’m going to break it down into Brawlers, Assassins, Flexers, and Scouts.  First let’s define the terms.

Brawlers mix it up.  They bring a ton of armor, good guns, and lots of firepower.  These are some of the most fun lines for me.  Currently I’m on the IS-3, closing in on the T-10.  Eventually I’ll get the IS-7, which tops off that line.  The other brawler I’m working on is the American Heavy line ending in the T110E5.  This is the quintessential Heavium.  A tank that mixes the speed of a slow medium with the armor and gun of a Heavy.  It’s a beast.  I’m closest to the T110E5 as I have the M103.

Next I’ve got the Assassins.  These are tanks specialize in massive amounts of unexpected damage.  The french heavies, and lights are specialists in this.  Autoloaders with huge potential damage and extensive reloads, and German paper TDs with the ability to drop damage bombs across the map.  The Russian TDs are at the extreme unsubtle end of the spectrum.  With good camo and truly amazing guns they can provide sudden and horrible death.  With their low hitpoints and low accuracy however, you never know who the death will be dealt to.

The Russian and Americans mediums are my Flexers.  These are all rounders who can shift across the battlefield delivering damage.  Faster versions of the brawlers, they trade armor and raw alpha for more speed and accuracy.  The Russians have a bit for focus on damage while the Americans get a bit more gun handling.  I plan on adding the 2nd french medium line (AMX 30) after I get the Batchat 25 giving me three choices here with the two Soviet mediums.

Finally there’s the scouts.  Pure light tanks they emphasize speed and low profile.  I’m working on both the American and German lines.  I also want to work the Chinese lines.  Right now that one is mired at tier three though soooo yeah.

These definitions are in no way official.  It’s just how I think of these lines.  Brawlers are pretty universal, but defining the rest of the lines isn’t terribly easy.  More on that later.


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