Coming Off Tilt

Going on tilt is the nightmare of the player who is seeking to improve not just his game but his stats.  For the last two days I have been on tilt as bad as I’ve ever been.  At one point I went 18 games without a win, got one win, then lost the next 10.  I can’t even say my teams were completely at fault.  I can think of 3 or 4 games where I had a particularly boneheaded play that contributed to our loss all out of proportion to what you’d expect from a team game.  I’m talking the logi pilot flying out of bounds during the Alliance Tournament levels of dumb.

So yesterday I played a couple games, realized it wasn’t getting better and walked away.  Best thing I could have done.  Today I played some and it wasn’t AS awful but it was still rough.  Finally I decided to break out the stopper.  The stopper is a baseball term for a pitcher you use to win key games or to halt a big losing streak.  This is usually an older, emotionally tough guy.  Curt Schilling was a stopper for all of his career.  He was almost never the best pitcher on his team (playing with Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez for almost all of your career will do that for you) but if you had to hand the ball to a guy in a win or go home game, you handed it to Schill.  5 times in postseason elimination games he took the mound.  Teams record in those games?  5-0.  Including the bloody sock game.  Some of those were ugly games.  Including the bloody sock game.

So what’s my stopper you ask?  I swap between two of my premiums.  The famous M6A2E1 Mutant and the T-54 First Prototype.  These tanks are just rocks in my garage.  Even more than the superlative 50 100 and IS-3 they can just carry games in the right situation.

M6A2E1 Mutant


No, I’m not telling you how to beat it.  You have to figure that out on your own.  I will tell you that when I can keep the battle in front of me and there’s not too many Tier 9 tanks against me this thing is just an absolute monster.  Get it as top tier in a city map and I can pencil in 2500 damage and god knows how much blocking.

T-54 First Prototype


A completely different tank, the T-54 proto is what I like to call an “enough” tank.  It has enough armor to bounce some shots, it has enough gun to deal with most tanks it faces, it has enough speed to get out of trouble and reach key spots, and enough visibility (BARELY) to see what it needs to see.  If you keep your head, and stay patient in this tank you can absolutely control the flow of the game.  It also is infinitely more flexible than the Mutant.

When I’m on tilt but I feel close to breaking through I’ll alternate these tanks.  Soon enough I’ll look back and realize I’ve won a few, I’ve gotten some good games, and it’s time to stop farming credits and play some other tanks.  And it feels good.  Also it has helped me get my first MoE on these tanks (the stars on the barrels)


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I don’t play tanks but I have this same issue in Warships. Sometimes I’m utterly unstoppable and just lay waste to the enemy, then other times it’s just a procession of failure for game after game.

    I’m going to say it’s because of bad team mates because clearly I’m awesome.

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