How Is Gud Tenk?

So I’ve talked a lot about World of Tanks, but I haven’t really talked about what makes a tank “good” so I’ll take a hack at it.

Fast and a good gun.  *mic drop*

Oh, wait, you wanted a real breakdown?  Sigh.  Fiiiiine.

Really you have to have a good blend.  There’s tanks with amazing guns at their tier, there’s tanks who can write their name at 300m, there’s tanks that would be slowed down if they could instantly teleport and there’s tanks that seem to have the ability to eat a ton of shots.  Some of them are good tanks, some of them are terrible, despite a big strength.  I’m going to look at “Good Tanks” through the lens of three vehicles.  The IS-3, the Object 416, and the AMX 50 100.

The IS-3 is the brawler par excellence.  It has enough mobility to get there; enough armor to survive prolonged fights, especially while sidescraping, and a great gun for close in work.  The gun cannot snipe, and the tank can get worn down as its armor is not impenetrable, but it doesn’t have to snipe with its mobility, and it can live long enough to get in close.  It can also punch up the tiers and affect higher tier battles.  What makes this tank great?  It has enough of everything to get through nearly any situation.

The Object 416 has a punchy gun, immense speed and combines a low profile and troll armor to zip in, burn something down, and get the fuck out.  The gun isn’t awfully accurate, and has godawful handling, but it hits hard and reloads ludicrously fast.  The tank has immense straight-line speed, allowing it to blaze across the battlefield more like a hovercraft than a tank.  It turns pretty damn poorly, so you have to plan your movement with some forethought, but the speed more than balances that out.  The armor is just… insane.  If I got penetrated by a small child blowing bubbles, I’d believe it.  There’s places where you can almost imagine shots going right through the tank and into its neighbor.  On the other hand I’ve bounced shots from Object 704s with that lovely BL-10 because the angles on this tank are just SO extreme.  The armor isn’t “functional” in that it can be counted on to bounce shot after shot in a prolonged engagement, but it can be relied on to protect you while you are moving from stray shots.  What makes it great?  It delivers a great gun to key spots on the battlefield fast and in relative safety.

Then there’s the AMX 50 100.  There’s no armor.  None.  The “protection scheme” for this vehicle consists of: A. Kill them fast or B.  Be somewhere else.  The gun is pretty damn amazing.  Fast firing autoloader with 6 shots, enough damage potential to wreck a LOT of on tier vehicles in about 10 seconds, great penetration, acceptable accuracy, but otherwise poor handling, the tank travels like a sports car, it accelerates well to its top speed, turns well, and generally gets you where you need to be.  Again the armor is nonexistent but your best armor is killing them all before they shoot you.  What makes this tank great?  SO MUCH DAMAGE.  There’s times I’ve pulled out against full health, on-tier tanks and pulled back to reload in the cover behind the smoking wreck of their tank.  And it feels good.

Next week I will talk about some bad tanks.  British Heavies might want to get a head start on hiding.  We know how slow you are after all…


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