I did a bad thing

Like many people, I play games for fun.  I play them to relax, I play them to separate from my humdrum existence and experience something outside the dull routine.  Much of my day consist of being yelled at by little old ladies who cannot do the simple arithmetic required to balance their checkbooks.

Playing games, whether it’s EvE, Lotro, FF, or tonks, allows me to escape.  It allows me to do something fun, that isn’t being yelled at by idiots.  Which resulted in me going off a bit this weekend.

One gentlemen decided to start ripping into me when I wasn’t doing enough to carry the team while I was playing Artillery.  Let me get this out of the way right now, I hate artillery, I hate playing it, I hate getting hammered by it, I think it needs to be totally redone if not removed, but I love getting female crew members so I’m stuck with it.  I had actually done a bit of damage and gotten a kill, however I accidentally hit a friendly, finishing him off.  Now arty is nastily inaccurate, and these things happen.  I immediately apologized and the guy was totally cool with it.  But the asshats started whining in chat, one in particular had been crying the whole match about people not doing enough to support him, or drawing fire to his position or who knows what else.

So I deliberately shot him.  Finishing him off.  Not the best thing I could have done, but frankly, I play this game for fun.  Shitting up chat and whining about your team not doing enough doesn’t win games.  I tend to do one of three things.  Not talk at all (90% of the time), encourage people and try to positively draw them out (9.99%) or rage and wreck.  (0.01%).  Sunday I hit that 0.01%.  I blasted that guy.  And I’d do it again.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Sounds like you did a good thing.

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