So one of the important things to have in any sort of a game is a goal.  In World of Tanks my goal since November has been a 1k WN8 by my birthday.  Right now It’s at 992 and I might hit it this weekend instead of next.  GG me.  So what to set for my next goal?  I’m considering a couple of options.  It depends on how much control I want to have over my success really.

Two Tier 10s this year – Attainability 10, reward 7, effort 8.  Lots of grinding here, but I’m relatively close to the T110E5, the IS-7 and the AMX 50B, all of which are reputed to be very fun.

1200 WN8 by New Years – Attainability 7, reward 6, effort 9.  I’ll have to play better on average and play a LOT to get there.  Still it would bump me up another tier in WN8, which would be quite an achievement where I’m at in the game right now.

Get Digital.Flash.Fire to a viable place – Attainability 3, Reward 10, effort 10.  This one I feel like I have the least control over, yet it requires the most work.  To get it successful we have to have that breakout moment, that breakout video, or new channel that brings in new people, it also requires not only consistent play in WoT, but also in other games to draw in interest from new communities and to keep things fresh.  It also requires good cooperation with Matt, who is a great friend, and always will be, but has been known to lose faith in projects over time.  All of these are mutually supporting goals, which is nice, so I don’t necessarily have to choose one, but I must say I am leaning towards some tier 10s as my first priority.

I also want to do more work here on the blog.  The biggest thing will be the story series continuing on Mondays.  Depending on the reception I may turn it into a larger project even.  It is a fun series to work on and I look forward to continuing it.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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