Warhammer 40k 8th Edition

So NewGW has gotten 8th Edition 40k out the door.  So far it’s a solid 8/10.  I like a lot about it but there’s one BIG missed opportunity.  More on that later.

First off, the boxed set is very good.  Lots of new miniatures, lots of very cool miniatures.  I can’t wait to get my hand on them, HOWEVER it’s a lot better if you are a Nurgle player than a Space Marine player.  There’s a lot more demand for the Space Marine models than for the Nurgle ones, I only need a couple of the models so… there’s just no reason for me to get the big box.

The rulebook is hefty, solid, and has maybe 20 pages of core rules and examples with all kinds of “optional” rules for army building and scenarios.  All told it’s less than 40 pages of rules.  There’s a TON of fluff, art, and pictures.  It’s fairly well organized, and the bookmark is a godsend.

The game flows very well.  The rules are super tight, you can play games in 2 hours or less with ease even after only a few.  They also tend to make sense for the most part, there are some oddities, for example let’s say a 30 ork mob is standing around a building.  A Land Raider can see and has range on one of them the rest are out of range and behind the building.  The Land Raider proceeds to do 15 wounds.  15 orks now have to take wounds, regardless of LOS or range.  Doesn’t always make sense, but it’s very clear and explicit how it works mechanically.

The one problem is it’s still IGOUGO and, without alternating activations games can and will be decided by who gets first turn.  I imagine there will be a Warlord’s Handbook similar to AoS that will give us some kind of alternating activations to alleviate this, but for now BLOCK LOS WITH TERRAIN!  Not always an optimal option but… it’s all we have.

So I’m setting some goals for this edition.  Get my Dark Angels 5th company fully painted, with Ravenwing, Death Wing and vehicles.  Participate in either a tournament or a league every 6 months.  Get the wife to be able to paint her own army so I don’t have to do too much painting.  Learn how to airbrush, which will help the rest greatly.

Things I hope GW does:  Figure out their damn company owned retail store strategy.  All the ones in Iowa/MN are woefully understaffed, and somehow it messes with the stock going to other, frankly better, local gaming stores.  Replace half the writers writing fluff novels.  It’s amazing how poorly some of these are written.  I’d like to see more effort put into actually laying out story arcs for the characters, and I’d be real interested to see Erebus turned into something other than an awful disney villain.

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