Primarchs Incoming Pt 1 – The Who

So Games Workshop is changing a lot about 40k.  One of the biggest is that Primarchs are coming to the fore.  This is a very interesting decision for a lot of reasons.  Primarchs are the holy grail to a lot of Lore-wise players.  They are everything the Space Marines seek to emulate (supposedly) and their appearance on the tabletop hasn’t been a thing since Epic died off.

This changed last year with the appearance of Magnus, and this year Guilliman made a somewhat surprising appearance as the Imperium’s first entry.  Currently rumors are indicating a good chance at 4 total Primarchs returning for both Chaos and the Imperium.  Magnus and Guilliman are already here.  Mortarion is all but confirmed as the next one, and this is no surprise given his place in the recent Dark Imperium fluff.  Russ will most likely be next.  I would love to see him returning as an Odin like figure, not the brash, irrepressible warrior of his youth, but instead a wise, savvy warrior equally at home planning to destroy his foes as he is throwing himself into the thick of it.  I’m not sure if GW will accommodate my wishes, I suspect they will go with a simpler brash warrior persona, but they may pleasantly surprise me.

So that’s the first 4 down.  From there, things are much less solid.  The easiest choices for Chaos would be to round out the Demon Primarchs with the other two Chaos Gods and do Angron and Fulgrim.  This gives us the Khornate daemon primarch, and the Slaaneshi one.  However I don’t think we’ll see them both, and we might not see either.  I suspect Lorgar will be tapped over Fulgrim.  Slaanesh has been sliding down for a long time and Angron has never been that popular to begin with for some reason.  Kharn of course is immensely popular, and a new model, with new rules, for him would likely satisfy some of the hunger of the Blood God’s followers.  Lorgar and his minions/minders Erebus and Kor Phaeron are so crucial to the lore that I have to imagine they will make it to the tabletop, and this edition seems an opportune moment to do so.

That leaves just one last one, and I’m going to come out of left field here.  Konrad Curze will return.  Konrad never ascended to Daemonhood and I think that makes him a very interesting choice rules wise, and a better match to the “merely” semi-mortal Primarchs the Imperium will have.  He also represents a massive faction of Renegade players who don’t care as much for Chaos, but don’t worship the Emperor.  Alpharius/Omegon might also show up here, but I think any of them would be a lot of fun, and this seems like something GW would do, going with the emo-lord in a surprise return.  Of course explaining his return might be fun, but if GW wants me to solve that problem they can hire me.

Now we have to find two loyalists.  Guilliman and Russ were relatively low-hanging fruit.  Dorn, Corvus Corax, and Jaghatai Khan are all missing, with varying levels of “rumored to be dead”; the Lion is under the Rock taking a nap.  VULKAN LIVES *STOMPSTOMP* but he’s missing while his Chapter plays “Where’s Waldo” with his artifacts.  Sanguinius is dead, so is Ferrus Manus.  So who are the last two?  I think Lion gets in for a slew of reasons.  Dark Angels are very popular, maybe even the 2nd most popular chapter behind the Ultramarines, vying with the Wolves.  Narratively the uncompromising Master of the First would be a very interesting Primarch to put with the pragmatic Guilliman.  He also fills a niche in not having a Forgeworld model already (FORGEWORLD PLS) and it would add some REAL craziness to the Cypher storyline to have the Lion back wondering where the hell his sword is.  And why his helmet is tiny.  And MK VII.  And Green.  So penciling him in.

Now we get to the last one.  And I’m going for an even bigger curveball this time.  There’s only one loyalist Primarch that will ever overshadow Guilliman.  There’s only one Primarch that will represent the rebirth of the Imperium.  There’s only one Primarch of the remainder that will sell like crazy, GW being a business and all.  If you were wanting to sell models would you want to sell Dorn, Khan, Manus, Corax, Vulkan, or Sanguinius.  That’s not a question by the way.  We all know the answer.  So I’m calling it right now.  The final Primarch to return in the current story arc will be Sanguinius, raised from the dead.  There’s a couple ways they can accomplish this, Ynnari, Emperor magic, Fuck you it’s GW.  But I do think the end of the current storyline will be Sanguinius showing up to turn back the tide of Chaos.


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