Primarchs Incoming Pr 2 – The When

So, we have a list of who I think will be coming.  Kurze, Lorgar, Magnus, and Mortarion showing up for the traitors.  For the Loyalists we should see Guilliman, Leman Russ, Lion El’Jonson, and Sanguinius.  Got it?  Good.  Now I’m going to go into the when and why.

Magnus came first, Guilliman came next.  Both laid out the basic plotlines of (Chaos) picking up old grudges and (Loyalist) picking up the pieces.  The next characters will reinforce those plotlines.  Mortarion being all but confirmed will prosecute his grudges against Guilliman and the Imperium at large, and Russ will return, older and wiser.  He will seek to help Guilliman rebuild the Imperium, knowing that a warrior’s brain is as vital as his brawn.  He will help keep Chaos off balance and be a surprising, dynamic figure.  In other words he will be exactly what the Imperium needs him to be.

The next two will mix things up.  Lorgar doesn’t want to pick a simple fight, he wants to bring the Word to the Masses.  And He.  Will.  Do it.  He will launch a Black Crusade that will have people saying “Aba-who?” He will rally the Iron Warriors, the Night Lords, the Black Legion, and his own Word Bearers to spread Chaos (Undivided) across the heavens.  The Crusade will split the Imperium further, and drive Guilliman and Russ to the brink.  And then the Lord Cypher will wake up the Lion, and the Dark Angels will drop everything and help pick up the pieces.  Right?  Yeah even I didn’t believe that.

The Lion will wake up, see the wreckage of the Imperium.  See the Imperial Creed vs. the Imperial Truth.  He will decide that the fault lies in compromise.  The fault lies in falling away from their father’s teachings of denying sorcery and demons.  While fighting demons.  Basically he’ll be this guy.

never compromise

And like the Dark Angels he’ll do a very good thing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.  And then get all emo about it.  However the chance to take a crack at the forces of Chaos will be too irresistible even for him, so eventually 14k+ Dark Angels, Successors, Primaris add-ons and God-Emperor and the Inner Circle know what else will be getting into the fight.

Finally, to bring things to a climax, Konrad Curze comes back, and leads a direct strike on Terra, a slash at the jugular with his legion.  His hated sons following along in his wake driving a wave of terror and despair before them.  In the midst of this, Cypher will show up on Terra, where he will be met by none other than Commander Dante, the Blood Angels still recovering from their earlier losses took up the mantle of the defence of Terra to free up the Imperial Fists.  Dante engages Cypher, and a stray shot from Dante finishes off the Emperor.  At the moment of his death the Emperor and Dante are consumed in Psychic Fire and Sanguinius rises in the Palace.  The Empire is thrown into further Chaos, as the Astronomicon goes dark (again) but Guilliman has prepared even for this moment, and a new beacon is lit.  The rebuilt Pharos beacon ignites at a psychic command from Sanguinius, and Curze wisely decides to pull back, leaving a truly confused situation as the Imperium struggles for leadership while looking for the Emperor reborn.

The Lion and Sanguinius seek to restore the Imperial truth (with varying degrees of fanaticism) and Guilliman and Russ seek a more pragmatic timetable.  Chaos is in a stronger position but even more divided counsels.  Lorgar wants to build an Empire, Curze wants to burn the galaxy, Magnus wants his kids back, and Mortarion wants a garden.  Curze, Lorgar, and Magnus are all mutually exclusive and Magnus may as well be in another world at this point.  I see this as the natural ending point of the current thrust of 40k, and could well last us nearly all of 8th.


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