Primaris and the Dark Angels

So in the Hundred odd years since Guilliman showed up (it seems like so much less) the Unforgiven have had to deal with a prickly problem.  How do you integrate a potent new group of soldiers into your forces while at the same time concealing the secret that you feel must remain concealed from them until their loyalty is assured?  Fluff wise the Dark Angels would know they have to bring them in, but would be deeply concerned about ensuring their loyalty enough to integrate them into the Ravenwing or Deathwing.  I think it more likely that they’d reinstate the Dreadwing or Ironwing or what have you, thereby short circuiting the problem, but they would also want to integrate them into the current organization of the existing battle companies.

Ok first off, I’m 99% sure that Chapters as we know them are dead.  1,000 chapters of 1,000 marines never made any sense to me from any number of standpoints.  The return of Guilliman means we can fix that mistake once and for all.  So let’s look at it a bit differently.  The traditional Battle Company is also going to come in for review as I’m more or less sure that the main level of change will be here.  Let’s look at it as is.  Stealing a picture that I believe dates back to the 5th edition codex:


This is the Ultramarines 2nd Company.  Imagine them in green.  The top bits will remain largely the same, Company Master, Chaplain, small command group.  The only real change here is that some of them will be Primaris and a Primaris Lieutenant or two will probably be along for the ride.

The next part shows the tactical squads (save one) and here I think we get the first major change.  I like having 6 tac squads BUT 3 of them I would put in Razorbacks, and would number only 6 (to fit in).  This will leave 12 marines looking for work.  Well let’s get some Intercessors in.  A couple 5-man squad leaves us only 2 marines short of establishment, and whatever Rhino-equivalent they get would be interesting.  I don’t like them very much so far, but we will see how things go.

so 6-10 man squads have become 3 6-man squads, 3-10 man squads and 2 5-man intercessor squad, losing 2 marines, but adding a lot of firepower and flexibility.  The two assault squads I would leave as is.  The company is going to end up with well more than 100 marines.  2 3-man Inceptor squads will provide some very handy firepower for the fast moving assault marines; as well as giving me an excuse to field the very fun looking models.  The devastators are easy.  5 or 6 man squads.  Razorbacks.  They are heavy support, they don’t need numbers, they need to give fire.  Then add a couple squads of hellblasters to get the numbers back up.  This would like very interesting indeed.  Oh and it would also clock in around 4000 points.  What’s REALLY scary to me is that I nearly have this assembled already.  Most of what I’m missing is in the transports and, of course, the new Primaris models.

I think Guilliman brings back a legionary structure, with each Legion consisting of multiple chapters of ten-ish companies.  I rather suspect the number of reserve companies will stay the same, while the number of battle companies will be expanded.  At least in my own ruminations that’s how the Dark Angels will be organised going forward.


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