Victory for the First!

Yesterday was a banner day for the sons of the Lion.  I did a LOT of painting, finishing a Predator and getting a Razorback tabletop ready.  The Predator needs just a bit of touch up and the Razorback needs a bit more detail work, touch up and then they are both done.  Vehicle wise this leaves me with 2 more Razorbacks, a Rhino, a Land Raider, a Land Speeder, a Land Speeder Dark Shroud, and a Dreadnought.  The Rhino will be relatively simple, but I plan on ordering some vinyl stencils to add some designs to it without trying my freehand skills.

Hobby wise this leaves me with about 1/3 of my marines painted, about the same percentage of vehicles, but none of my terminators or bikes are painted.  My goal tomorrow is to paint the Terminators to at least tabletop standards if not “Complete”.


Yeah, my Freehand game is weak.

So let me define these terms a bit, because everyone seems to have different definitions of the terms.  Tabletop ready means all major details (weapons, eyes, major insignia) are painted, 3 color minimum, no repair painting needed to fix glaring mistakes and at least a quick wash.  Complete means all details painted, washes and highlights, transfers applied, ready to be/already varnished.  Done done.

I have 12 or so terminators to do.  I have to have at least 5 ready to go for next week’s Fate of Konor battle (theme next week is Elites).  Being Dark Angels I can take mixed squads which I’ll probably take advantage of just because I don’t like the sergeant with his face exposed.  It’s a veteran thing.  Wear your damn helmet.  I’m probably doing assault cannon, two bolter terminators, two thunder hammer/storm shield guys, and one with lightning claws.  That gives me at least one guy to swap out if next week’s Konor battle uses Power Level.  If they use points it gives me 6 guys to drop on the table / pour out of my land raider.

Speaking of the Land Raider, let’s talk about this weeks MVP in the Fate of Konor campaign.  This week was the battle for Astaramis with a scenario written to give the Imperials a pretty sizeable advantage.  Basically the Imperials deploy on half the table, Xenos/Chaos forces deploy 12″ away and score by moving a unit into the Imperial deployment zone.  Imperials score by killing units.  8th is absolutely lethal, so killing 1/2 the enemy force (and ideally their warlord) means the Imperials are going to win.  The attackers did get a nifty stratagem this week that lets them advance and charge, letting them deliver charges from a really long range, but it didn’t really factor much into my battle.

So I matched up with a guy who plays both at Mayhem and the local Warhammer store, I haven’t played him yet, and I haven’t played necrons in forever.  Deployment was pretty standard.  He went really wide, assault troops on one side, his bike equivalents on the other side, big blob of warriors in the center, and his dreadnought backing them up.

I death bubbled around Azrael with a tac squad, Autocannon/Lascannon Predator, Lazorback, And Land Raider Crusader.  Frankly, this was cheddar.  Not even mild cheddar.  Azrael grants a re-roll on missed to-hit rolls for all DARK ANGELS models within 6″.  He also grants a 4+ invulnerable save for all DARK ANGELS models within 6″.  Including vehicles.


That blob in the center is within 6″ of Azrael

The other squad I deployed first to draw out some of his forces.  It worked.  His warlord and melee squad ended up way out behind the AA gun in that picture.  The first turn I shot half the wounds off the dreadnought, and he moved up putting a couple wounds around my vehicles.


Start of his second turn he moved a bit further down and plinked some more wounds, starting to focus more fire on my Land Raider.  However T8, 2+/4++ and plenty of command points to let me re-roll the odd multi-wound attack that got through, making the vehicle stupidly tough.  His Lychguard landed on my exposed squad and destroyed them clean.  My turn was a bit more eventful, My tank blob focused on his big unit of Tomb Blades out on my right flank and destroyed them.  The amount of concentrated firepower I generated, especially with re-rolls to hit was scary.  I can’t wait to add a Lieutenant to the mix to let me re-roll wounds *Glares at the multi-melta that did NOTHING all game*


At this point his luck completely crapped out.  He didn’t want to eat overwatch from my Lazorback for some reason so just charged the one squad, which had inflicted three wounds on him during my turn.  He managed to whiff most of his attacks, which left my squad able to fall back, and left his warlord completely exposed to my Lazorback.  I shifted my army around and annihilated his warlord, and Lychguard in a storm of point blank fire.

At that point it was all over but the screaming.  Mathematically he had to table me at that point.  His dread hid at the back taking potshots at me, and his troops came up firing and plinking wounds off of me but not really doing much.

I think he made a couple mistakes.  The key to beating a vehicle blob like this is getting into melee with as many of the vehicles as he could, and tying them up.  I have to be clumped up around Azrael for this list to work, his warriors could have rushed up the table, forgoing shooting and charged into multiple vehicles, denying me shooting.

On my side I could have made better targeting choices, and shooting weapons in a better order.  My Crusader was my VIP by a large margin, soaking up an enormous amount of firepower, and putting out enough dakka to justify the focus put on it.  The predator got a sneakily large number of kills, and the Lazorback did manage to gun down the enemy commander, with a few extra kills.  Massed bolter fire did a ton of damage, whether from storm bolters on the two lighter vehicles, or the hurricane bolter arrays on the Crusader.  Azrael paid for himself several times over just in re-rolls.  Let alone his invulnerable save bubble, and, you know, personal firepower.  I kept him pretty well hidden for most of the game so his own attacks weren’t terribly important.

It was a fun game for me, and my opponent seemed to enjoy himself, next week I’m taking a different list, built around terminators (and Azrael) delivered by the Crusader.  Not sure exactly how it’ll work, as week 2’s mission/details aren’t out yet, but we will see.  I do like the lower power level.  It’s pretty easy to build a list, especially using power levels, and we finished a game in about 1 hour 45 minutes.  Maybe even 90 minutes.  My goals next week are to bring a more balanced list, have a higher % painted, and keep racking up points.  I will be missing one week of the event to go see the Eclipse this year, but I am on track to hit every other week.  Just need to get the Knight painted up in time for Lords of War.


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