Konor Missions, Steering the Narrative

So the Fate of Konor is being decided ahead of time.  Week one’s mission featured rules that basically required the attacker to table the enemy given the length of the battle and the lethality of fire in 8th.  Week one was doomed to be an Imperial victory, even without factoring the number of Imperial players compared to Chaos.

Week two is a bit more interesting.  There’s still a couple fingers on the scale, Chaos gets the mission advantage with what amounts to a free victory point.  However the majority of games will field Imperials vs (Xenos/Chaos/Other Imperials) where there will be far fewer games featuring Chaos armies.  This amounts to a fundamental shift towards Imperials just due to them scoring more points, even if their win rate isn’t quite as good.  Winning games against other Imperials still nets the Imperials a win, and losing to a Xenos player might subtract a point from Chaos depending on how the Xenos player logs it.

So the Imperium is going to get a fair number of wins just by having the most players.  By a lot.  Because GW pimps them all the time.  By having them win all the events.  So there’s more of them.  Which results in… do I have to go on?

So GW can decide from Week to week how things will be decided just by changing the mission a bit, or by giving one side better stratagems than the other.  I think they actually tried this week 1, with the attacker having a great stratagem, cheap, very useful, and fitting the scenario, where the defenders had an expensive one that was extremely unreliable and situational.  There was also a great week 1 stratagem that both sides had access to, improving the bubbles that leaders have.  However the scenario was simply too unbalanced for a stratagem to bring it back into balance.

This week there’s good stratagems for both sides, but the attacker has the advantage there, while the defender has a worse power, but a free VP unless they just get stomped, and if they get stomped, well, who cares about the scenario.

So GW can influence the winner of any given planet, and has a definite desire to see the Imperium win to keep the majority of players happy.  Not the largest faction, the majority.  I expect GW will fiddle to make sure most of Konor stays safe, while ensuring that if things look bad in weeks 6 and 7 I expect we’ll see missions as unbalanced as last week.

Anyway, my plan for this week is 2k points, going to try to dominate the center of the field, the next weeks is all about tanks.  *muahahahahaha* rubs hands together.  I may expand to 2500 points.  I may go to 1500, depends on who I am fighting.

The week following I am going to try to work with the LGS to play on a non-league night as league nights (Sun and Mon) overlap the eclipse, that I’ll be travelling for.  I also need to paint Zeke and have him handy for my week 4 army.  Week 5 has fast attack.  I’ve more or less decided to paint the Darkshroud, but I may have some inceptors as well to try out.  I’m really looking forward to mixing them into my army.

The last week is the knight.  Man that’s going to be rough.  I’m going to get it ready to paint over next week, then break out the airbrush for the big bits, but there’s still a LOT of details, and only so much nuln oil.  Also, need to learn to magnetize.  Sigh.


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