Quit Whining About Your Dice

We play games to have fun.  Those of us playing 40k are playing giant superhuman Space Marines, twisted Chaos daemons, hordes of Solid Guardsmen and Tanks.  Sneaky Eldar, Tough Orks, what have you.  Either way the army you play is generally built of tough, mean, fantastically well armed individuals.  Or at least a lot of guardsmen.

So why are you whining about your dice?  No one wants to hear it, and dwelling on it will only make you feel worse.  Last week my dice were all over.  I missed 3 shooting attacks all game.  Partially because I abused re-roll bubbles but also because my dice were “hot” for that.  Wounds?  Oy gevalt…. my multi melta was apparently in operation making burritos for the Crusader’s crew, and the las cannons were under 50%.  Did I whine about it?  No.  Did I whine about my awful armor saves?  No.  Did my opponent whine about his awful morale checks or his dreadnoughts inability to score wounds?  No.

And we had fun!  Me a bit more than him because my army was a brick of medium cheddar and I was stomping him due to the scenario; but we both had fun!  We got to roll dice, he got to hammer away at my tanks (splitting his fire a bit too much).  On the other hand, another game I was watching featured a player who bemoaned every casualty as if she had to drop the miniature into a fire.  Every missed shot was money she had to pay for ammunition.  Her opponent was actually getting thoroughly stomped but reality didn’t penetrate her bubble of misery until the last turn when she was able to finish tabling her opponent and pack up in smug silence.

Sportsmanship matters and complaining about dice is about as bad as it gets without getting into actual cheating.

Here’s my take on cursing your dice.  If your whole game comes out to one dice roll, your plan failed.  You shouldn’t be rolling one dice to save your army, you should be rolling ten and only needing one to get through.  You want to roll as many dice as you can on your turn, to force your opponent to roll as many as possible.  Conversely you want to roll as few as possible on your opponent’s turn, because nothing good can happen then. Focusing on one super unit doesn’t tend to work well because one unit isn’t that hard to counter.  Having lots of dice coming from different units lets you have worse-than-average luck and still get results. So quit whining about your dice and roll a few more!


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Excellent points, and ones I always need to keep myself mindful of. Goes for ANY game that utilizes the bloody plastic polyhedrons. You rob yourself of fun – and those around you – when you gripe about that fickle lover, Lady Luck. Just accept she has a love/hate relationship with you, and enjoy those times she glances your way favorably; you can’t change it either way.

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