Picking in a Crowded Field

So this post was kind of on the back burner, then GW announced Chapter Approved.  I really like the whole idea of a “Living Ruleset” but I hope they keep rules “updates” free or inexpensive rather than charging us for quarterly rulebooks.  Anyway on to the point.

My Dark Angels have some hard choices to make.  I need to take a lot of troops to hold objectives.  Don’t mind that too much, it’s fluffy, the Lion knows I have a ton of tac marines and even some scouts, and eventually I’ll even get some intercessors, and I like getting Razorbacks for said tacs.  No problems there.

However they eat a lot of points.  The three tac squads I run eat up 370 points, and only fill a battalion detachment.  Oh and GW please learn what a Battalion and a Brigade are.  They should really be called Patrol, Platoon and *MAYBE* Company, detachments if anything, but I digress.  From a 1500 point army, this is close to 25% of my army, and characters will easily eat another quarter.  This leaves me with maybe half my points to spend on “Optional” units that do the real fighting.

What’s more, these units come with some real limitations on slots in the org chart.  0-2 elites, 0-2 heavy support, 0-2 fast attack, 0-2 flyers.  And you really want this detachment because 3 CP is really good the way stratagems are working out.  To get more than this I would either need to add another detachment or add 3 more troops and another HQ.  That’s pretty rough on a marine army, and it won’t leave me with enough points to fill those slots.

So lets look at what I’d actually want to take.  First let’s look at Elites.  Apothecary, Company Ancient, Company Champion, Company Veteran squad, Deathwing Ancient, Deathwing Apothecary, Deathwing Champion, Deathwing Knights squad, Deathwing Terminator squad, Dreadnought, Imperial Space Marine, Primaris Ancient, Primaris Apothecary, Ravenwing Ancient, Ravenwing Apothecary, Ravenwing Ancient, Ravenwing Apothecary, Ravenwing Champion, Reiver Squad, Servitors, Venerable Dreadnought.

The two Terminator squads are simply amazing.  I’m a big fan of both, slightly more on the basic terminators so far, but Knights will get their time.  Ancients are AMAZING this time around, really taking the bite out of casualties under some circumstances.  Apothecaries are getting some bad press so I will probably not need those too much, Champions are really good for some extra melee bite, although Dark Angels don’t really need that much.  Dreads are AMAZING in 8th, with the venerable especially getting a shout.  Servitors usually get rolled up into a Techmarine so I’m not worried about them, but you can see that there will be times even a limit of 6 could pinch a bit.

Fast Attack is equally crowded with *takes a deep breath* Assault Squad, Inceptor Squad, Ravenwing Attack Bike, Ravenwing Bike Squad, Ravenwing Black Knights, Ravenwing Darkshroud, Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance, Ravenwing Land Speeders.

Not as many choices as the Elites, but some really good ones.  Darkshrouds are nearly automatic right now IMNSHO.  -1 to Hit and the way re-rolls works that helps even more (remember you don’t apply the modifier until AFTER you count how many misses you can re-roll) making this such a good unit for boosting deathballs.  Assault squads are still pretty forgettable, I’m looking forward to trying Inceptors, which fit my flavor of fast attack more anyway, and of course any ravenwing bike unit is going to be good.  You do take Land Speeders in squadrons, which is very nice, but they compete with so much else for the one spot left after the Darkshroud that it’s hard to justify bringing them.

Heavy Support is just… a mess.  Aggressors, Devastators, Hellblasters, Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader, Land Raider Redeemer, Predator, Redemptor Dreadnought, Repulsor, Vindicator, Whirlwind.


I really can’t beat this for how I feel about picking JUST two.

I can only pick two?  I was an artilleryman damnit!  I love big guns!  They enhance my manliness and fill my life with purpose!  Seriously though, I can eliminate the Whirlwind and the Vindicator up front.  I think they are vehicles that work best en masse, and we only have two slots.  Everything else?  MAN.  Predators are AMAZING.  Land Raiders are AMAZING.  Repulsors look AMAZING.  Devastators are real good (lets you get another Razorback AND 4 heavy weapons!) Hellblasters and Aggressors deliver an amazing amount of firepower and are super tough to boot.  Once I get my Repulsor built, and some Hellblasters, maybe even some Aggressors… I’m going to have a real conundrum as to what to take and what to leave at home!  Oh and don’t forget that Hellblasters without a Repulsor are VERY slow right now so… that’s two right there if I take Hellblasters!

The hardest part of Marines right now is building an Army that balances the need to deal with Objective Secured with the requirements to have firepower and tools in the box to deal with fighting the actual combat.  I will say this though, it’s a fun time to build an army!


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