Growing the Army

So I have a truly ludicrous amount of points, and nearly as ludicrous amount of models.  Thanks to my airbrush and some nose to the tiny lump of plastic painting I’ve actually been painting more than I’ve bought this year, although I do have some projects still to do.  Right now I have a couple priorities for what I plan on buying, and the order I plan on painting.

Inceptors – I’ve been waiting on these bad boys since I saw them in the big box set.  I’m excited to see the multi-part kit coming out next week, and cannot wait to get my hands on them.  I have some ideas for how to do them and I think they’ll be a lot of fun to field.

Different Azrael – I’m planning a conversion as I really don’t like the sculpt of the old model much, and it’s metal.  I do not like metal.  I do not like backpacks.  I do not like models without helmets.  The question is how to do it without spending 50-70 bucks on one model.

Dark Talon – I need a flier.  Period.

Transports – To get enough wheels for my battle company, even pre-primaris I need to get 6(!) Razorback kits and build/paint them where I can swap them for Rhinos.  I have one Repulsor so my first Primaris unit that isn’t interceptors is fine, but every unit after that I would really want a Repulsor for.  I also would like to find some alternative turrets, I have had no luck reaching Chapterhouse studios, but would like to get some turrets that feature twin assault cannons without spending crazy money.

Those are the only real “Must Haves” and while it’s a lot of plastic, it’s not very diverse.


Hellblasters – Come on.  Who doesn’t love plasma wielding maniacs.  At least in a Dark Angels army.  Still have to fit them in Heavy Support somehow.

Bikes – Super useful in this edition, and I have the command to support them, but with the Darkshroud locking down one fast attack slot….

Deathing Terminators / Command -Much more a want than a need.  I have more than 20 terminator models, but only a few are the modern plastic kits.  Lots of metal squatters and even a few wolf guard.

Predator – MAN these are so good in 8th.  Holy cow,  Just the perfect MBT.  Not ideal for everything but I could totally live with 2 of these in a 1500 point list

Scouts – Definitely not a core unit for me, but I could use some lighter infantry and something that has mobility without needing a transport.  Rievers would also be ok here I guess?

On the fence.

Intercessors.  The new tactical marines just don’t seem good at the things I need them to be good at.  I love the models and I could be convinced otherwise but… They just seem meh in an army packed with awesome.


Sammael – Cool model but… just not wowing me unless I go whole hog on bikes.

Aggressors – Are we going to have them be part of the Deathwing?  Are they going to get enough mobility to make them worthwhile?  Even with all the dakka, can they kill enough?

Things I’m eagerly awaiting –

Transfer Sheets – Holy hell do I wish the old Dark Angels transfer sheet would be reprinted.  I’d buy 2 right away.



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