Restructuring the First

“Brothers” Supreme Grand Master Azrael intoned “We have received word from the Primarch of the Ultramarines regarding the reorganization we have begun to undertake.  Today we will discuss how we will reorganize the Dark Angels, and our brothers and successors have all sent observers to better match our decisions…”

With this Azrael turned and the cloth fell from a large display on the wall.

The Chapter is dead.  LONG LIVE THE CHAPTER!  For a long time GW has insisted that there are 1,000 Chapters of 1,000 marines.  This makes very little sense if you understand how military organizations are formed and fight, but it looks good on paper.  So Bobby G has started his project to re-write the codex, and with the massive reinforcements all the chapters are receiving, keeping them under 1,000 simply won’t happen.  Frankly, the legions are back.  Not the quarter of a million Ultramarines, or hundred thousands of the other legions, but 4000 or so will likely become the new norm.  I think the companies will be doubled in size, and then each company duplicated to create 20 double sized companies.  It may even progress more to where each company expands to the size of a Battalion, with Lieutenants taking the roles of current Captains and Captains moving up to command the Battalions.

But first let’s rebuild the Battle Company.  6 squads of Tactical Marines, with 2 squads of Assault Marines, with 2 squads of Devastators make up a current Battle Company.  First I think they’ll add 2 squads of 10 Intercessors.  Over time this will swell to where the intercessors will match the numbers of Tactical squads.  Inceptors will come in the form of 2 squads of 6, comprising a dozen to reinforce the 20 assault marines currently.  Finally a single squad of Hellblasters will be added, eventually increasing to two.  Finally I foresee heavy reinforcements among the specialists.  A full command group, with communications, medical, and other support specialists.  Specifically I would expect to see 2 or 3 Communications specialists, 4-5 Apothecaries, 2-3 Chaplains, most likely 1 or 2 techmarines all more or less permanently attached to the new “Company”.  In addition to this there will be a horde of serfs, servitors, and other support personnel who aren’t Astartes.  The enlargement extends to the vehicle assets as well.  Currently there’s at least 10 rhinos, and probably a couple razorbacks, assigned to each Company.  Each primaris squad will likely include a Repulsor, which represents a huge boost to the firepower of the Company.

And no, I haven’t told the wife about the extra models I will need to finish the new, larger company.

The Deathwing will be enlarged, but until we see the full extent of Aggressors and Gravis armored Primaris, I’m going to hold off on how exactly they’ll be extended, although eventually I feel it will be equally 1:1 over time.  Next  we get to the Ravenwing.  This is even more obscure than the Deathwing.  Inceptors are the only possibility, and I’d like to paint some up as Ravenwing because I think they’d be very fun to do, but they don’t fit in terribly well.  The Reserve companies will be pretty straightforward.  Double the current number of squads, with Primaris making up the new squads.  Maybe a few extra squads of Inceptors.  The scout company presents a unique challenge.  Frankly a 100 man scout company makes no sense even today.  500 would make more sense, and 1,000 wouldn’t be that unreasonable given how few would make it to be full marines, and how many they would need.

The Reivers and Inceptors could be formed into a similar close support squad for veterans, a Dreadwing Company to bring back one of the old elements of the Dark Angels Legion.  They could support the Deathwing and Ravenwing combining some of the speed of the Ravenwing with some of the staying power of the Deathwing.  This would enable them to enter the inner circle of the Dark Angels (which some would have started to do over the century since their appearance).  If the Dark Angels wish to resurrect the Hexagrammaton the Reivers could be the Dreadwing, the Inceptors the Stormwing, the Aggressors the Firewing, and of course renaming the tanks to the Ironwing hardly requires a lot of work.

This would resurrect many elements of the ancient Dark Angels, and would allow them to grow the resurrected legion quite quickly in the new, resurgent Imperium.  Narratively I think the Hunt will come to an end very soon, I doubt the Lion will be less secretive on his resurrection, however I do see him working with Cypher to bring back the Fallen who didn’t go over to Chaos, while openly crusading against those that did.

So my 5th Company will be adding some more Primaris.  I already have some Inceptors, as I just LOVE the models, I’ll probably add a box each of Intercessors and Hellblasters and another Repulsor.  Soon I’ll add a post on the future of the Marines, both in fluff and in the meta.  Here’s a hint, it goes badly for the regular marines.

To wrap this all up, the Legion will end up with 5 specialist Companies, each double the size of the current companies.  Deathwing, Ravenwing, Firewing, Stormwing, and Dreadwing.  This would create veteran elements open to pretty much any speciality.  The vehicles would get consolidated into the Ironwing, most likely greatly aided by the techmarines and the renaissance that Guilliman is trying to build with regards to science and reason.

The three battle companies will also expand, and be doubled up so that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th will be joined by the 14th, 15th, and 16th companies; with the 11th, 12th, and 13th being the Firewing, Stormwing, and Dreadwing (in some order).  The 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th would be the remaining reserve companies, with the 10th merely being massively expanded.  Each company will mix troops, that is, traditional marines and primaris will be mixed in each company, and I expect specialists and company command positions will see a significant number of Primaris as time goes forward.

So that’s where I see things going.  More troops per company, more companies per “Chapter” and no hard caps on either.


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  1. I think this is a solid call. 3000-5000 is probably a good size for each complete legion, not including support/logistic tail. I think you’re definitely on to something with that speculation … and it’s a reasonable bet for GW to follow, especially given their recent revistitation into historical gaming.

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