Dark Angels Codex Wishlist

So one of the next 2 codexes will be the Dark Angels.  I’m excited to get a codex, as they make armies far more competitive and grant a lot more depth.  However I’m also disappointed because I feel it means we are unlikely to get much in the way of new models.

I’m going to break this list down into three things.  Things I expect to see, things I’ll be interested to see, and things I want to see but don’t really expect.

Things I Expect to See

Plasma trait / Stratagem – Similar to how Salamanders get re rolls with their flamers and meltas, I think the Dark Angels should get some kind of bonus to show their expertise with Plasma weaponry.  Whether this takes the form of a stratagem allowing them to fire supercharged without worrying about dying, or simply allowing re-rolls on wounds or something similar will be interesting, but I firmly expect this to be in the codex.

Older marks of Terminator Armor – I really don’t understand how this wasn’t part of the index anyway.  The only chapter with more terminator armor is the Grey Knights, and they are ridiculous mary sues anyway.  Lacking the fun and interesting older marks just feels wrong and I know a lot of Dark Angels players would love to include them in their armies for more than a cosmetic change.

Interromancy powers will debuff everything – The only faction with more debuffs will be Eldar.  I expect minus to hit, minus to charge, and minus to leadership at least.  Facing Dark Angels librarians should be a pain in the ass more than anything else.  Debuffs can make the game not fun for your opponent, but it’s super fluffy for Dark Angels to debilitate their foe before crushing them.

Things I’ll be Interested to See

Azrael changes – Azrael is a hair behind Guilliman right now.  His ability to grant re-rolls to hit to any UNIT within 6″ is crazy.  Added to 4++ save granted to any MODEL within 6″ he becomes a bubble master and an auto include in any competitive army.  He’s also pretty damn deadly in both shooting and melee.  Keep him safely off the front line until it’s time to uncork him and he’s a threat to anything with his D3 wounds and mortal wounds added in melee, not to mention some very good shooting going in.  Oh and bonus CP just for taking him when most other chapters LOSE CP to take a chapter master!  But should he really be that close in power to a friggin Primarch?  No.  I don’t know if he’ll actually be nerfed though.  I’ve been of the opinion that you could make him much more reasonable by changing his bubbles to read “Infantry Unit” and “Infantry Model” as the Dark Angels aren’t particularly known for their armored units prowess.  It also matters whether or not the Lion shows up.  If the Lion makes it in changes to Azrael become much less important as in most tournament army sizes I’d expect the Lion to be the default choice unless he’s awful.

New units – A plasma-based tank would be a lot of fun.  So far we have a land speeder and…. a land speeder.  The bikes can take plasma guns.  The flyer… can’t.  A predator with a plasma cannon could be fun.  Plasma Land Raider to carry around the deathwing would be AMAZING.  I already mentioned older suits of terminator armor.

Primaris Integration – Now the big one.  The most untrusting of chapters being forced to integrate hundreds of new “brothers” whose training and indoctrination they didn’t control.  I don’t think there’s a chance in hell Azrael and the inner circle let the first crop of Primaris advance beyond Sergeant or Lieutenant.  I do think they will be put in untenable positions over and over until nearly all are killed, then the Dark Angels will demand full control over creating and training the next generation to fix the “flaws” in the process that resulted in high casualty rate.  However the current game takes place 120+ years after the return of Guilliman so that would be in the past in either case.  By now there would be veterans advancing in knowledge and skill to where they should be moved into the Ravenwing or Deathwing.  Aggressor marines could be used as Deathwing fairly straight up, although the lack of melee ability that Aggressor’s suffer from would make them a flawed choice.  For the Ravenwing… there’s no bikes, and while I, personally, love Inceptor units, especially decked out with Plasma cannons, I’m not sure they fit in the hunt.  Will we start seeing Primaris bikes (RIP all other bikes) or Primaris Land Speeders?  Will we see something else?  I hope we see a lot of effort put into this thorny issue rather than a hand-wave.

Things I Want, but Don’t Expect

The Lion – There’s not enough time to build much hype, and I’ve heard from folks I trust that the odds of a Primarch coming out this year are really low.  I also really don’t expect the codex to come out with the Primarch limping out a month or two later, so if we get the Lion, it will likely be after a considerable wait, and most likely after the story has advanced a good bit.  I think the game needs more Imperial Primarchs, I think the story needs them, and frankly, I think GW’s business needs them.  Even with the release of Guilliman, I suspect Ultramarines are behind the Dark Angels and Space Wolves, and only inching ahead of Blood Angels as they have been in a bad spot and getting worse in 8th.  I also suspect that if I picked up some Ultramarine models and scraped off a bit of paint there’s a different color underneath.

Contemptor Dreadnoughts – I want them.  We won’t get them.  Just not something the chapter has ever been known for.

Bring back the old wings – There used to be 6 “wings” in the Dark Angels Legion.  I think chapters will get larger and larger, and the simplest solution to the problem of where to put more experienced Primaris would be to put them in their own wings.  An Ironwing and a Stormwing for the Primaris would be an interesting way to increase the diversity of the Chapter, without necessarily bringing them fully in, and continuing the theme of distrust.

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