Last Son of Caliban: The Hunt

“Master Ezekiel, we will not catch the one we seek in the first place they look.  We have dispatched our interceptors around the planet, we have ordered a complete blockade of any ship not ours.  They know us to be a zealous foe, let us use that against them and be methodical, as the Lion was.  We will pen him in and run him down, but not if we rush in too fast.”  Cain said, fixing Ezekiel with a piercing glare.

Ezekiel looked back for a moment.  Fire burned behind his eyes, he looked deep into Cain’s, and Cain could feel the pressure of Ezekiel’s psychic power, not scanning him, but pressing, potent.  “You are right Master Cain.  We will be patient.  Your feast was a success.  The local troops are quite satisfied with the honors shown to them.  They will need to be managed carefully in the upcoming campaign.”

Cain thought for a minute, breaking his gaze away and looking north, where the guard regiment was encamped.  “They have been good and loyal allies.  We do not want them to find out things they cannot be allowed to know.”

“Not only our allies.  I know we must be careful, knowledge is a blade sharper than any carried by our men, but too much cuts the wielder.  You will have to be careful how you allocate your men during the hunt Master Cain.”

Cain very pointedly did not look back to the encampment of the Dark Angels.  the chapter serfs were moving equipment into the camp, battle brothers ensured that supplies were cached well.  “I will need guidance for this Master Ezekiel.  As Chief Librarian, your insight on my sergeants will be invaluable, as will Chaplain Zadok’s.  I trust you both to aid me in selecting the right strike team for the final battles.  In the meantime; we must plan tomorrow’s strike.”

Ezekiel nodded, and they turned back as Master Cain summoned the leaders of the company.  Within moments they were gathered in the shadows outside the camp lines.  The Lieutenants flanked Master Cain, the rest of the command group stood slightly to one side.  The 12 sergeants stood on the other three sides of the flexible table set up with flimplast maps.  Another innovation the electrically charged, rollable plastics could be loaded with maps and graphics, making campaigns and battles far easier to communicate.  The warriors stood in their cream colored robes, the traditional candles provided more than enough light for their enhanced vision.

“Brothers, we must end this rebellion as soon as possible.  The battalion we fought yesterday was utterly destroyed, tomorrow at dawn we strike the rest of the regiment.  They will be advancing to relieve the battalion we destroyed today.  They are not aware they have nothing to relieve.  We will attack them as they march up.  Doctrine for this planet is to start the advance an hour before dawn.  We will move out directly after this briefing, placing ourselves to pierce their line of march and split their remaining force in two just as their lead elements encounter our loyalist regiment where they expect to find friends.”

“Our chief weapon is surprise.  And a lot of firepower.  There will be more than three battalions, one from an armored regiment in this engagement.  We must break into them and destroy them as rapidly as possible.  Be on the lookout for anyone rallying or organizing their defences.  If you are unable to eliminate a threat, call on the Hellblasters or Devastators.  We will sear these traitors from the planet.  Remember as well that we have not fully rooted out the cause of this heresy.  Capturing leaders where possible is authorized.  Master Ezekiel and Brother Sergeant Cole will ensure we have the prisoners we need.  Call out any likely targets and we will ensure they are brought to the Emperor’s justice.  Now go, prepare, we move out immediately!”


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