Little Green Men: Codex and Battle

The long-awaited day is partially here.  We have the codex, I have mine and Lt. Smiley in hand.  I also have hellblasters.  I’m quite happy.

So the books is… unexceptional.  I’m happy with it, don’t get me wrong.  There’s some really neat bits to it.  The emphasis on plasma is really fun and fluffy and can be super scary.  If you save some CP for the end of the game where you can overcharge without losing so much if someone switches it from “burrito” to “self-immolation” you can put out a TON of S8, D3(!) shots with -4 AP

The characters are good, Azrael took a glancing blow from the nerf bat but is still in auto-include territory for competition.  Getting Stormravens is SUPER nice.  Razorbacks got nerfed pretty hard, understandably so.  Stratagems are very good, Contemptor is great, Psychic powers are very fluffy, but it almost feels like you want Zeke AND another psyker to make sure you have the coverage you need.

So we played a battle today.  2x Dark angels at 60 PP.  I had an Astartes LT with Combi-Melta, Power Sword, and the shroud relic, Zeke, a Techmarine, 2x 5 tacticals, 2x 5 intercessors, a rhino, a lazorback, a repulsor, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Warlord was the LT with the recycle CP Warlord Trait.

25354035_10160111533660221_3056547024613387985_n.jpgPlanetstrike was the game mode, so our opponents had 50 points of nids and 50 points of Death Guard.  The Nids player picked a gunline with exocrines, a zoanthrope, and a couple hive guard units.  No gaunts, stealers, nothing small.  Death guard brought a medium unit of poxwalkers, two units of something that could take a shit ton of special weapons, two predator annihilators and a pair of sorcerers.

We actually picked a narrow table edge, and our opponents compressed the board by deploying way far away.  I think they should have tried to jam more.  Firestorm barrage went off, forcing both opponents to burn 2 CP to push them away from concentrations of troops.  Even this didn’t save them as 1 hive guard was killed and another brought down to 1 wound.  Everything except my repulsor filled with inceptors showed up on turn one, the Flyer showed up deep behind the nid gunline, spitting out a nasty deathwing blob that proceeded to begin to wreak havoc behind the nid gunline.  My rhino / razorback raced up the side, advancing each of the first two turns to get into attack range of the nearest objective.


We misplayed the buildings, giving the defenders a lot of free bunkers, but I’m sure we messed up some things on the attack as well.  Anyway their turn one they turned on the terminators with a vengeance but… terminators are tough and only two died to the concentrated fire of the entire enemy team.  Our turn two my repulsor showed up and spit out two 5 man intercessor squads which immediately split up, half going to take the objective held by the weakened Hive Guard, half spreading out to guard the flanks of the character blob.


While the Repulsor’s firing was thoroughly disgusting, resulting in only a couple wounds on the predator, the one intercesor squad managed to secure the objective on the hill, killing the final hive guard in melee.  Meanwhile the Storm Raven proceeded to lay waste with its heavy guns, and Belial, Asmodai, and the rest of the deathwing proceeded to butcher the nids heavy shooters.

The character blob weathered some more fire, aided by both predators burning down my repulsor in one turn, showing the inexperienced intercessors how tank crews should do it.  Some fire from the death guard debouching from the bunker below the hill forced my intercessors to basically exchange fire until they got picked off one by one, while the other squad died shielding the flanks of the character blob from the other bunker.  The pox walkers and sorcerers tried to stop my infantry from the midfield objectives, resulting in Zeke being tarpitted after his covering squad died, the LT scoring 6 wounds on the sorcerer and watching 5 of the wounds get saved by Disgustingly resilient…


He ended up on one wound after the melee, killed the LT, then got gunned down by the Rhino, which proceeded to pile into the pox walkers.  The Lazorback avenged the Repulsor on one dread, while the Storm Raven killed the other.  Belial butchered the remaining enemy sorcerer, while the rest of the character blob secured two of the objectives.  The remaining plague marines finally killed the intercessors on the hill objective but the Razorback claimed the center objective, Belial another, and two more by Asmodai and the other terminator squad.  We killed both enemy warlords, they killed mine, leaving us with a 14-4 win as Zeke and the Techmarine finished off the last of the poxwalkers, leaving the surviving plague marines hiding in their bunker, surrounded by loyalists bent on purging the field.


Man of the match goes to the intercessors on the hill who soaked up a simply incredible volume of fire before finally going down the second to last turn.  Ezekiel was very entertaining battling poxwalkers, denying 0 powers, and only getting off a couple himself, although he did manage to kill 7 poxwalkers in one turn.  The Repulsor was the wimp of the match, terrible shooting results and then volleyed off the table.  The character blob was amazing, shredding nearly all the tyranids, while my partners apothecary managed to heal 0 wounds and 0 fallen brothers over the course of the battle.  Thanks medic!

We’re all still learning with 8th.  We all made rules mistakes.  Fortunately we are in a really great and supportive community.  We made as many mistakes in our opponents favor as our own, and every game we make fewer mistakes.  Other than forgetting the psychic phase.  Which everyone did at least once.

I’m looking forward to more games, and enjoying the ones I’ve played, I’m excited to see how things go for my Dark Angels, and still hoping we get the Lion back sometime this year.  Given some rumors I’ve seen it looks like we might get Khan, which would be a SUPER neat model, and a very interesting choice, Lorgar, who I would LOVE to see, a demon equivalent of Bobby G, and then the Lion towards the end of the year.  That would make for a great year for 40k.

Anyway, another victory for the First Legion!  Not sure when I’ll get to play again during the holidays but tuesday there should be a lot of painting, writing, and taking pictures to update my progress on the hobby aspect!

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  1. Correction from the Deathwing: my medic healed 1 wound, but that’s because he didn’t have to roll for it…and it didn’t matter as the valiant Cataphractii Sergeant he healed then took three lascannon to the face protecting his Ancient, and subsequently was blown off the field as a pile of ash in a light breeze. Still doesn’t explain why he apparently thought he was a commissar instead of a medic for 4 of 4 revival checks…

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