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Reinforce Success

So Massively finally had a good article about news from a space-based MMO.  Too bad it’s not about EvE.  At least not directly.  If you go through to the actual forum post, Gozer (Ghost Busters name, Top Gun avatar, true child of the 80s) makes a few comments that help put last summers issues in some perspective.

Cryptic has some fun games.  Champions and STO are both fun, and free.  They do have rather limited resources.  Perfect Worlds has given them much more money to work with than Atari did, and STO has seen a bit of a renaissance, but some old problems have stayed around.  PvP is one of them.  The folks at Cryptic have all of one dev working on PvP.  One.  They realized that they have to focus on what works for them.  The Star Trek audience wants PvE.  They don’t want to shoot each other, they want to explore strange new worlds.  As a result their PvP stinks, and they are looking at putting it on the chopping block completely because dropping it wouldn’t really affect the bottom line.

Last summer part of CCPs problem was the revelation that the number of people working on walking in stations dwarfed the number of people working on Flying in Space.  This amounted to mortgaging the future without doing anything to even maintain the present.  In the military you talk a lot about reinforcing success.  In the business world it’s finding (and exploiting) your niche.  If you attack on a wide front you don’t send more troops into the meat grinder occupying 1/3 of your troops, you send them to help exploit the breakthrough the other 2/3 created.  If Apple succeeds in distinguishing themselves as a company that markets products to trendsetters and fashionable folks, they should work more on that, not trying to build servers for major corporations.

Today CCP is again working on ships.  We have seens ships, ships, and more ships, graphics, and PvP changes from CCP because that is what EvE does.  Walking in stations would be the business equivalent of Apple focusing most of it’s developers on a new widescreen HDTV system.

You can expand your market, you can find a new niche and maybe CCP can find a way to create a new market for a broader EvE community.  That’s fine, but you can’t just pour water down a well and hope for gold to float up.  It turns out gold doesn’t float up.  If CCP wants to expand they need to use their resources rationally, small groups of devs building up to a larger group, while maintaining their effort on EvE.  STO is going this route, they have one dev taking a look at PvP in their game to see if it is worth maintaining.  If it is, they will add more resources without hurting the core game.  If it isn’t they will pull the plug and use those resources more profitably elsewhere.

In the future look for CCP to focus on EvE.  I expect Dust 514 to land with the sound of 10 lbs of bird poop and stay there.  Shooters have sequels because the money is on the release.  Yeah they sell map packs, but the draw is the newest, shiniest graphics.  CCP can’t deliver that and they aren’t even going to get  sales at release.  I think it will start flat and drop from there, resulting in massive losses and an even bigger dependency on EvE.  You’ll know there’s trouble on the horizon if CCP shows bad numbers for Dust and puts more devs on it to try to save the sinking ship.

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Obligatory SiSi Post

Played around on SiSi when I could finally get on it.  I have to say the art team has done some damn good work.  The missile effects are sexy.  How sexy?  I’m about ready to trade Cloaky Loki for a Tengu to run around in null and sec back up.  It’s that good.  Didn’t have time the chance to try out the new modules, as they aren’t seeded.

The shield booster looks pretty bad.  It uses cap charges (X-Large can fit 6 Navy Cap Booster 400s) yet it has an activation cost of 470 GJ?  Does it inject cap and activate at the same time?  It boosts for 490 HP every 4s, the base T1 is 450 every 5 so a definite edge there. The problem?  It fits 6 navy cap 400s.  3 800s.  Once those are consumed?  60s reload time.  Also:  it runs your dog over in the street.  Those 60 second reloads are an eternity in a fight.  You will be dead and gone unless you are kiting so well you are taking practically no damage.

Oh and then there’s the inventory.  I can’t decide if I love this so much I’m giving up women or if I hate it so much I’m going to build a giant cannon and barrage CCP headquarters from central Iowa.  There is SO much info but it’s compressed.  There’s ONE sheet.  Like this:

Want to move something around?  Drag and drop, it highlights the bay you will drop it to (thank god) and updates the estimated price down in the lower right.  The filters are neat too.  I should check that out in m Jitamart hangar with one of m indy alts.  The one quibble I have so far, and it is a minor one, is to say that the Amarr T1 ship icons look very old school.  Like pre-trinity.

Also I want to buy all those ships for 9,580,000 isk. Contract them to me Aunenenenen please?

That’s a minor quibble.  Really minor.  The ships themselves look very nice and VERY tough.  The Golden Fleet is here for business, not partying.  Now for the part you want.  Missile spam.

and one more

Seriously I don’t care how badly missiles suck.  With these effects I’m using them.

Anyway next time I play around on SiSi, maybe they’ll remember to seed the modules next time so I can see how evil my AFK mission Domi is.  Also I should throw around some wardecs to see at least how THAT part works.  Someone else on SiSi want to throw a dec on Fancy Hats there so we can play with it a bit?

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The Last Hulkageddon

Hulkageddon is a time-honored event in EvE.  Since 2009 Hulk Ganking has been a part of EvE’s culture, with 2 events in 2010, another in 2011 and this one, possibly the last in 2012.  CCP (Greyscale) is all about making life easy for carebears.  CCP (Greyscale) has battered gankers with constant nerfs over the last few years.  CONCORD gets faster, and more effective.  Players with GCC lose control of their warp drives and can’t board fresh ships limiting them to one attempted gank every 15 minutes.  This means that gankers have to constantly develop new tactics and improve their methodology, while the carebears pretty much enjoy a safer and safer experience.

Of course it hasn’t all gone the way of the ganked.  This year we have two new tools that should ensure some hilarity.  Tier 3 BCs and the upgraded dessies.  An untanked hulk can be ganked by a single Tornado, or 2-3 catalysts VERY easily.  Swarms of arty thrashers will likely make another appearance as well.  In 0.6 and below you should easily get too shots off (maybe in 0.7) and 5 thrashers will tear an untanked hulk to shreds.  An untanked mackinaw will go down even faster.  Heck even a tanked mackinaw in 0.5 is vulnerable.

Now seeing as gankers tend to be more community oriented when it comes to events like this, and we share information whereas most carebears will be ignorant of Hulkageddon even several days into the event, despite enormous amounts of advertising; even though CCP (Greyscale) continues to stack the deck against us we work to improve, and this Hulkageddon will likely be the most successful one yet.  Even with fewer ganks / pilot / hour, even with faster response times, even with all this crap, we will succeed.  That will drive the carebears mad.  Some will respond like I did when my carebearing was interrupted.  Learn to pew.  Some will ragequit.  MANY will forumwhine; and when those forum whines hit CCP Greyscale’s screen…

He does what it tells him to.

He will do something that will surprise everyone even though it should surprise no one.  He will come out with a devblog, or a forum post saying something along the lines of “Since SoniClover came up with the perfect solution to all your highsec PvP needs with wardecs we are going to remove the ability to shoot neutral ships in highsec.  I know you are all real excited about this new era of EvE.  Throw out some wardecs and try out the new system!  You’ll love it!  What are you doing with the torches and pitchforks?  Put me down nonoNoNoNONONONONOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo…….”

CCP has already moved a LONG way to protect it’s carebears.  There’s no reason to believe they wont continue this path.  In 2009 ganks were simple.  Even an utter PvP nub like me could gank a hulk solo in 0.6 space.  Let me suggest some things that hulk pilots could do to protect themselves during this event.

Team up.  Tank your ships, have a friend along in a scimitar providing remote reps.  A gank squad will involve 5-8 toons if they are using dessies.  I’ll make your hulks practically invincible with 5.

3 hulks, fit for tank.  Resists, extenders, all the basic stuff.  Look up the fits.  1 Orca providing leadership bonuses.  MOAR RESISTS!  A scimitar orbiting at 50km with 4 large reppers, ECCM a little bit of tank and reps permarunning on the other 4 ships.

But no.  That’s too hard.  It’s too much to expect people to make the attempt to defend themselves.  They should be able to expect complete safety sitting at 0 in an untanked, expensive, oft-targeted ship during the most heavily advertised event of the EvE year.  Let’s just make CONCORD insta-spawn everywhere, or better yet turn off the gankers’ guns.

So go out and enjoy Hulkageddon.  Really dig into it.  FRAPS it, gank as much as you can as often as you can as long as you can.  Because this is likely to be the last.  We can adapt as much as we want, but we can only do so much when the other side’s “adaptation” consists of whining to receptive Devs.

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RMT, the Economy, and YOU

Yesterday Ardent Defender linked a post from the EvE: Online Forums.  I’m going to copy the post here just in case CCP decides to whack it.  It comes from a gent named “Former Scumbag” and talks about his misadventures with RMT.

As I look at my -10 billion ISK wallet and shortly later my banned accounts I’m only a little bit surprised that it happened. I want to start off by saying I will never buy third party ISK again. It’s just like throwing your money down the drain once you get caught — and you probably will these days.

I know this will cause a great deal of many people to post negative comments and I deserve them. My kind are a plague in Eve and overall it’s good that I was banned and my ISK taken out of the Eve economy. So yes, I know I deserve to die, I’m a scumbag, and will always be one, etc. But let me try to make up for what I did by exposing what I did and telling other RMTers who think their method is perfect that it will fail.

First why did I buy ISK via the #1 leading RMT seller (against EULA) instead of just buying a PLEX from CCP (EULA friendly)?

Because I’ve been doing this for a long time without an issues… I was arrogant and a capitalist. I could take the same amount of money that would be required through legal means and end up with twice the amount of ISK. I also hadn’t been caught yet. I’m still a bit perplexed how I was caught, probably on mere suspicion alone. Maybe not.

But I’m done with buying ISK, as I now see CCP is very determined to stamp this out. I suppose I’ll be a good person and work on scamming people for ISK instead of buying PLEX (just kidding – maybe).

tldr; I’m a bad man and if your a bad man you’re going to lose everything.


Normally it works like this:

Option A) ISK selling company uses bots to farm the drone regions. I’ve noticed that they always went for Plush Compound and Glossy Compound. (Market tip here — check what these refine into and realize that they suppressed certain mineral prices)


Option B) ISK selling company pays other players for ISK at a rate lower than they sell it. I don’t know the details on how it exactly works as I’ve never sold ISK. But I believe the contracted players use minerals or other high value items and transfer them to the ISK selling company.

(Also scamming, hacking accounts, etc so it’s claimed — although I don’t think that’s truly legitimate claim as it would be their supplies very unstable and they’re always stable…)

1) The ISK selling company then sets up a front corporation (the do this on a DAILY basis) with a random boring corp name made by a day old character.

2) Some how they transfer drone alloys, minerals, or moon products to the front corporation.

3) RMTer sends PayPal or Credit Card payment to bad RMT website.

4) The RMTer then is told to apply to join Random Boring Corp Name and to dock at Jita 4-4

5) The ISK selling bad people then purchases X amount of X item as a corporation market order.

6) Once the order is filled they open Deliveries then go to Deliver to Member and select the RMTers name.

7) The RMTer then sells the items at Market Value and quits the corp.

There’s no wallet log of the RMTer getting the items so it’s believed to be the safest way to do it, also their in the same corp so the activity is considered the same.

My specific process would be the above but with these changes for when I bought it:

1) I would create an alt say BobLikesYou33

2) After I received the items from the ISK sellers and sold them at Market I would have a few billion ISK in my wallet

3) I would then purchase high value items with low volume in mass (level 5 implants, PLEXes, etc)

4) I would then randomly give away whatever I had left to scammers in Jita local (to make more links and hopefully hide my true account and maybe get some dirty scammers banned if I got caught trololol)

5) I would buy a shuttle, put a few BILLION of stuff in it.

6) I would login to my main (on a different account) and go to a safe spot in Jita in a pod.

7) I would fleet up with my RMTer alt then have the shuttle with billions of RMT warp to my main.

8) Then the RMTer would leave the shuttle, leave fleet, and my main would board the shuttle and dock it.

9) I would terminate the BobLikesYou33 character

10) I would then wait till it was flushed and make a new BobLikesYou33 character

This was so (or so I thought) there would be no paper trail or if there was CCP wouldn’t look hard enough for it… maybe it would overwrite something in the database. At one point I even had a corporation dedicating to buying ISK with 5 separate accounts to shuffle things through.


Glossy Compound, Plush Compound was the old favorite, recently they’ve been changing that as CCP has been banning more people I assume (or maybe in prep for the drone region nerf).

New items: Tritanium, Moon Products, Salvage Products.

I hope this information some how helps CCP fight this and I hope it discourages RMTers from making the same mistake I did… Repent or faceth the ban wave from doom.

There isn’t much new information here that hasn’t been put out in other places before.  This is the first time I’ve seen this much in this kind of detail, and putting it in the EO forums has an extra bit of punch to it.  Some points I’d like to add:

  1. Old skool – Drone Poo being used by RMTers as a vehicle for sending isk.  I feel safe asserting that the drone regions were heavily botted, and this link to the other end of the EULA violating spectrum makes me think that this might be the main reason CCP removed Drone Poo as a drop.
  2. CCP can track a lot more than we think – The trails might be faint and impossible to see on our side, but they exist.  Also this tells me that every petition answered with “The logs show nothing” is a lie.  The logs show something.  What is behind this curtain?
  3. The methodology is heavily dependent on very young characters – Many CEOs are alts.  I’ve used alt CEOs myself a few times.  Forming a new corp with a CEO character should be setting off alarm bells.  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see a character with low SP, low time in game, and large transactions, even if they aren’t for isk.  Presumably CCP has felt the same way, hence their ability to catch more people.  Still it seems odd that it took this long for them to find methods this effective.

Long-term this will affect all of us.  Botting and RMT dying at the same time can really shake up the economy.  Botting going away (and drone minerals going away on top of that) will spike mineral prices.  However it seems that minerals were also used to facilitate RMT.  This would tend to inflate the value of isk, taking that away will cause prices to deflate.  Isk itself will be harder to get, making it more valuable to have.  In theory at least.

I’ve said before that mining needs to be looked at.  If people are going to do it it has to be profitable.  That time is nigh.  Mining is an eminently safe profession in general, as long as you are intelligent about how you do it.  Players want something for their efforts however, and 15-20 million an hour doesn’t cut it when missions are nearly as safe and far, far more interactive and profitable.  If mineral prices continue to go up, we will get more miners doing the work, it will be more profitable and fewer people will PvE by missioning.  This may or may not dilute the need for more minerals, which may or may not result in people choosing to leave mining again.

I think the value of minerals will go up.  I’m not exactly Nostradamus to make that prediction.  I think the value of isk will go up as well.  This is a bit dicier.  I think the isk faucets will go down as a net whole.  That is less isk will enter the game, and will be needed to buy more and more expensive stuff.  I think prices will still go up some, even as the value of isk rises, and this could cause a problem.  People like being able to buy a battleship for only an hour or two of effort.  They like an Abaddon that costs less fully fitted than a new one does now, let alone what it will cost in a week.  Heck they liked the price of Armageddon’s at 59 million a lot more than they like Drakes at 70 million.  This will make people leave the game.  This is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, but there needs to be an influx of new players.  I don’t see one on the horizon.  This expansion might be the least successful of all time on the “curves” standard that Ripard Teg has published so widely.  It makes players poorer without offering new riches to offset things.  It draws the economy back, and while it might inconvenience the rich, it will beggar the poorer players.

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The Great Vanguard Nerf

DevBlog Here

Important quotes

After collecting a lot of valuable feedback from you guys, we decided to give the spawns more variety, without significantly altering the difficulty of any one spawn.  This was done by grouping the NPCs into waves, and moving the trigger to spawn the next wave from an individual NPC to the group as a whole. This will mean that you now need to kill the whole wave to trigger the next one, rather than just specific NPCs.


Feedback and our internal statistics also confirmed that Vanguard sites had an excessive reward-to-effort-ratio in comparison to other Incursion sites, so we have reduced their reward by 10% to keep them more in line with the compensation expected for this difficulty of site.

Emphasis mine.  Or to put it another way:

This is a body blow to the shiny blitzer fleets, as they now need to be able to kill every last Reynyn (or however it’s spelled) to get spawns.  All those Maras at 80 klicks?  Gotta go son!  I expect that this will cause a lot of fleets to form for HQs or Assault sites now, as Vanguards will take much longer and be less predictable.

Oh and expect prices to continue to rise as drone region botters now generate isk instead of ore, meaning build prices go up due to restricted supply and isk continues to flow into the economy even without as big an incursion faucet.  Oh and remember that Meta-0 mods are no longer dropping meaning virtually all isk has to come from miners.  This is going to do some damage to the economy.  Battleships are already up roughly 70% over the last year, some have more than doubled.  This wasn’t a huge problem when there was isk to pay for it.  Now the isk faucest are adjusting, mostly down for highsec folks and up for nullsec, while prices will continue to go up. Most likely quite a bit.

CCP has always stated they wanted more people in null to drive conflict.  I think they are about to get it with a vengeance.  And no I’m not talking about the crappy AF I’ve got in Penirgman.

Paging Dr. Eyjo.  The economy is looking a bit sick.  Now if you will excuse me I’m going to gank hulks for a month… while I train all my alts for hulks.

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Greyscale Must Go

Ripard Teg noted this post on the EvE forums.  I’ll quote about the same stuff he did, with my own comment.

This sort of gameplay is emergent and cool and interesting and something we very much enjoy seeing players discover, but it also sits in a particular kind of design grey-area where it’s not really something we want to be seeing (for reasons I’ll describe in a second), but something that’s benign enough that we’re not actually going to take action to nerf it just because of that, but also nevertheless something that we’re not going to explicitly exempt from larger changes if they happen to impact it.

The reason we don’t really like this sort of thing is that pre-fight fitting decisions are supposed to be one of the fundamental decisions of EVE combat. Most MMOs let you change your weapons and armor more-or-less on the fly. We don’t, and there are clear and long-standing design principles behind that. SMAs let you make that decision *closer* to the fight, but they’re not there to let you change your fitting *in* the fight. Yes, we need more interesting decisions that players can make during combat, that’s one of the fundamental problems with our combat model right now IMO, and yes, removing this option will take some interesting decisions out of combat, and that makes us sad.

To which I responded:

So tactics that give smaller fleets a chance against blobs and supercaps are going away. Got it.

Seriously, I get having pre-fight fitting decisions being important. LOADING MODS FOR ADDITIONAL FITTINGS IN YOUR CARRIER IS A PRE-FIGHT FITTING DECISION. What’s more important is it is a decision that allows an outnumbered fleet to bring more to a fight than it could otherwise. R&K has (very publicly) shows how they used it to tank supers with standard caps. This change doesn’t do much to nerf titans. From what I’ve been told, nearly any situation where a titan gets pinned on the field it’s either going to die or it isn’t and the fit don’t matter at that point. If you DO want to use this to nerf titans… fine. Titans can only refit at a POS or from a supercarrier. Don’t nerf subcaps. That’s a ridiculous solution to problems caused by supers.

At this point let me go to stuff that would be unwise to say on the EvE forums.  Greyscale is a complete moron who it seems has never logged into EvE.  His ideas on the crime system were absolutely terrible and this is piling stupid on top of stupid.  He’s also responsible for certificates, which are of dubious value beyond a very few, alchemy, which has of course completely fixed the problem of some moon goo being too rare, the learning skill changes, which I actually liked, anomaly changes… ohhhh my.  Jump bridge and Fuel block changes.  Now the right decision was made when it comes to fuel blocks.  However it took a LOT of time to convince him to make changes to let faction towers keep their existing bonus.  He’s also responsible for all the fun with removing the mines, again, which he fixed.

He does pretty well with a lot of things, but there’s a difference between doing well some of the time, and being good for the game.  Greyscale has time and again come up with absolutely terrible ideas, which he clearly refuses to run by the CSM.  No one who has ever enjoyed non-wardec hisec pvp could possible think most of crimewatch was a good idea.  There’s still no incentive to fight a wardec under the new system the current model of “wait a week and see if it goes away” will change to “wait a week and it WILL go away” with the possibility of some idiot hiring mercs rather than skipping a week.  The logi changes are good, but any idiot could read the forums and see that those changes were necessary.

And that’s the real problem.  All Greyscale has done with his good initiatives is read the forums.  CCP has people who read the forums and bring them good ideas.  The CSM.  Greyscale’s original ideas stink on ice, he’s like a bad amateur magician who pulls back the cloth and constantly disappoints when the rabbit has changed into… a rabbit.  He’s been there for 5 years.  He brings nothing to the table beyond literacy and his place in the driver’s seat is not only undeserved but damaging to the game.

Get the bum out.

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So you like Killmails

Killmails are one of the more interesting and unique facets of EvE.  Some people hate them and want them removed, other people love them and want to see more.  CCP is going all-in on improving them it seems.

The justification for it is that we need clear, universal statistics on PvP factions (corps or alliances) to evaluate them for consideration for mercenary contracts.

The consequences will be a bit broader.  First off CCP will have a centralized killboard system now.  I hope they let us mirror it to our own sites so we can decorate with banners, mods and such, but there are some changes that will be rather more far reaching.

First off RR will show up on killmails.  This will be a huge boon to those of us that fly logistics as it means that we will no longer watch our fleets wreck 3 billion isk in ships, then lose our scimi and show up with a 0% efficiency for the fight.  Not that I’m bitter.

Second this will finally bring killmails to a standard display format.  Now I’m not wild about the efficiency system, I think it’s an ok way to judge things but it reminds me of boxing scoring.  You get a 7, an 8, or a 9 and if the fight is over you might get a 10 (or a 4 if you kissed canvas to end it) and that’s the way alliances are scored.  A mediocre-to-poor alliance scores in the 60s, a great alliance might get into the 80s.

Now we will see at least some improved level of granularity.  I think filters will be a big priority.  Who cares if the mercs you are hiring killed 30 billion isk in haulers and hulks.  How do they fare in fights?  People will want to know and the tools will be developed to get them that information, either by CCP or, more likely, with the improved 3rd party tools CCP is apparently working on.

Maybe we will stop seeing 0 damage carrier lossmails now too.  Might be too much to hope for.

Another interesting change will be the likelihood that everyone’s kills will be automatically posted.  Some corps try to hide as much intel as possible, kills and losses both, to prevent people from knowing what to prepare for.  That will be gone.  With CCP likely auto-posting everything fairly quickly that will go away and fleet composition and fittings will be dissected for everyone (not as huge a change as it might have been a couple years ago)

One change I’d like to see addressed is the matter of having stake in a fight.  If someone in a reaper had happened upon the huge PL / FW fight and happened to get a shot in on the titan he’d have gotten in on the killmail.  Even assuming the smartbombs whacked his reaper he’s up something like 60 billion on the day.  However he didn’t put much at risk, and he didn’t contribute much to the actual fight.  Let’s put him in a drake.  He gets two or three shots off, beats the bottom 18 or so people then gets blapped.  Well he brought a bigger ship.  He certainly put more at risk than if he’d brought a reaper, but his contribution wasn’t nearly as big as the HICs and BS that he beat on damage.

I think the best system would be for CCP to run a rolling average of the price of each ship over a certain period.  Call it 30 days.  Your alliance brings a fleet with a dozen ships, 3 each from 4 corps.  All Drakes for now.  You kill an Abaddon worth 240 million.  Each pilot has an equal stake.  Everyone gets credited with 20 million towards his personal efficiency.  Each corp gets 60 towards theirs, and the alliance gets the full 240 million.  Now lets do MATH!  3 pilots brought scimis, all from the same corp, the rest are in drakes.  Let’s say a drake costs 50 million, and a scimi 150.  So total the fleet is worth 450m for the 9 drakes, and another 450m for the scimis.  Now if they kill the same Abaddon the Scimis each get 40 million in credit.  The Drakes each get 13.333 million, and the scimi corp gets credited with 120 million of the kill, the other 3 corps get 40 million each.

This represents the “stake” each side had in the battle, it rewards people who risk bigger and better ships in a mixed fleet, and keeps small corps from running up ridiculously high efficiencies when their contributions were negligible.  To use an example from last night:  I like Eric, he’s a great guy and I’m glad he’s finally getting some good kills.  He didn’t make or break that battle in his little retribution.  For him and Cercis in his Proteus to get the same boost to their killboards for that kill is a little bit silly.

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And a Little More Thought

So my gut response on winners and losers:

Big Winners:

  1. Nullsec.  Goonswarm, PL, AAA, Dirtnap, and more PL all get a trip to Iceland.  They will be able to plead their case in person to CCP on anything they are asked.
  2. Riverini.  I don’t know how he thinks the CSM will get him a bigger stake than EN24, and I don’t think he could reasonably run EN24 and be on the CSM at the same time without seriously risking breaking the NDA.  “Losing” was the best thing that could happen to him.
  3. The “Conflict Avoidance Ursine” crowd:  Congrats.  You’ve got Kelduum going to Iceland.
  4. Lowsec:  Even with small gang candidates Hans and Aleks not getting on a plane at least their voices will be in the discussion.
  5. Bloggers.  With Mittens and Kelduum on the same board I am breaking out the popcorn.

Big Losers:

  1. RPers.  Mike Azariah got absolutely BURIED.  As did Roc.  Still not sure just what went wrong but WOW did this surprise me.
  2. Fans of Incarna.  T’amber was your guy.  T’amber lost.  Big time.  Another argument for breaking up candidacies by some sort of structure and voting between candidates for specific positions rather than the current “at-large” system
  3. Non PvPers.  Ok I understand WHY pvpers are more organised, but again who is going to speak from a position of first-hand knowledge when it comes to truly large-scale mining, manufacturing, and marketing?
  4. Trolls.  Sadly Mintrolio fell well short of the votes needed to make the election as ridiculous as it could be.
  5. CCP.  Another largely homogenous group heading to Iceland to talk to them, and a group that is far less capable of assisting them with the projects for the chosen year, when RIGHT behind those 7 were several candidates that could have really widened the discussion and made a huge difference in the quality of Inferno.

I'm using it every time I can

CSM 7 Results are IN!

Raw info HERE

Mittens, Two Step, Elise Randolph, Greene Lee, Trebor, Kelduum, Seleene

UAxDEATH, Hans, Meissa, Dovinian, Issler Dainze, Aleksyev Karrde, Darius III

So in an expansion that will focus on Low Sec and Wardecs, the people currently involved in those two are… not going to Iceland.

/me sighs

Bloc voting works well when the blocs are relevant.  Right now if Hans or Aleks wants their voice heard they have to trust in CCP listening to the members they never have to face, and trust that the nuances of their communication come through, without the benefit of face-to-face meetings.

To me, these results represent success for EvE and failure for CCP and the CSM.  Only EvE could build blocs so powerful that they aren’t capable of recognizing their own self-interest.  However when CCP and the CSM sit in Iceland the members traveling to  Iceland will by and large NOT have any stake, nor much knowledge in what they are talking about.  At best they have second or third hand information regarding high sec, or low sec mechanics and their effects on people that actually live there.  By having candidates all lumped into one “category” CCP denies itself the expert information they need to make informed decisiosn.  And we wonder why Greyscale can come up with such crackhead ideas.

I'm using it every time I can

Quickie: In character even!

Corelin slipped through his old haunt, Tash-Murkon Prime.  Systems on his trusty Ishkur poking for loose cans.  Finding one he spins into warp and dives into the belt where Greyscale’s hulk waited.  Happily chugging ore into jetcans.

Undaunted Corelin starts transferring ore and calling in corp for haulers for the rich bounty.  “Mining is easy” he thought “Just get other people to do it for you.  It’s not even boring!”  Suddenly his overview lit up.  Dozens of ships warped in and started pointing and webbing the tiny ishkur.  Greyscale opened comms.

“You’ve done it now Mr. Haberdasher.  I’ve made it so everyone in EvE can shoot you for 15 minutes!”
“Do you expect me to fight all of EvE?”
“Why no, Mr. Haberdasher.  I expect you to die!”

And on cue the guns of the dozens of denizens of TMP opened fire.  The ishkur disintegrated, vomiting forth it’s pod.

Corelin started in his pod, waking from the most dreadful dream.  I hope.

I'm using it every time I can